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  1. I'm on my third attempt, not once have I found a rifle, and I did goto the waterfront cottages twice, found a flare gun at a pumpkin in ML on No2, made it to milton with that one looking for better items. Pumpkin was at the old fallen down tower in ML, I went to the new tower(after seeing a picture above) and saw the orange glow on the other hill top. I'm back in PV (No1 died here) looking for more pumpkins hopefully the homestead will be lucky for me. I did get the 4don badge at end of day 2, I wasnt expecting it as I'd died, I've enjoyed playing and am looking forward to the next 2 days
  2. First timer, why bother with a gun if there are no animals?, I was picking up ammo by reflex, but I've dropped it, much happier to find a prybar not that its got me much loot
  3. found in the barn upstairs next to the 2 forest walker storage boxes
  4. I found a Mackinaw jacket on the window seat opposite GM's fire, think this showed up after doing the repairs? I have blueprints for rabbit hat, its given when you kill the first bunny, didnt get given any gloves though, but I have the blueprint in Episode2 for mittens Boots and ropes are given if you choose to give lily the pearls. doubt if you get them if you dont help with the quest
  5. 'You’ll meet new survivors, explore a new region, ' A new region that will open for survival, even if we have to wait a bit as we did for Milton. I'm so looking forward to all the new work on story mode.
  6. anyone else had a problem getting water on the pot belly stove? I could not get any cooking type choices from the recycled can when I put it on the hot stove, same stove let me cook a can of peaches but no water.
  7. Great news! Hope we get the rainbow too!
  8. Well I tried Pillock's code, I didnt last long, got myself turned around in FM and ended up in the caves instead of the farm, no matches or bedroll, I died of cold on the way to ML. Then I tried Cattlemans was much easier start, but a single wolf att left me at really low health and I stupidly hadnt picked up disinfectant, infection set in, and death followed. Good fun!
  9. you are going up the first path that takes you to the body/deer corpse that spawns there, coming down the rock to reach the 2nd pathway? There is a rock with a few cat tails at the bottom which helps to identify the right spot. This way I never have any wolf problem as hes usually nearer the dam and the 2nd path.
  10. I'm so glad its not just me! I have spent a long time learning this part of ML, you need a good route for the challenges as trappers is used so much in them. I also have problems with logging cabins area and the changed layout cos of the new tower.
  11. just restart Ep2, you know what to do now so you will whizz through it.
  12. I really enjoy the new tracking mechanic, even though it can be really hard to follow, sometimes they lead up slopes I cant climb and its harder to pick up a trail further on, its also bad if they cross their own trail. I'm glad they added this
  13. I have to add that giving items can be bugged, I have lost more than 1 pelt, the giving screen tells you how much trust the items give, if this stays at zero try to cancel out, you may get your items back. Relogging can cure the problem