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  1. You must be thinking of the wrong note, because the barn is where I found the last note. Forest Talkers Collectible, Part 2
  2. I'm not going to write this as a totally comprehensive and well-structured review but more as just spouting out a bunch of things that stood out to me, what I liked and disliked. I won't touch on every single thing and every single character, just the main things I wanted to get across. Here's some things I liked: I love how the overall weather in this episode is harder than in the previous episodes. Pleasant Valley is infamous for having some of the worst, if not the worst weather in the game. The cold is much more of a problem in this zone. Not only is it colder than other zones, b
  3. I managed to find it in the red barn upstairs. I had already checked the place through twice but missed the note both times. I have a feeling the locations of the notes may be random though.
  4. All I need to 100% this episode is this one collectible. Anyone remember where they got it? Thanks!
  5. Did you already check the survivors to see if you can pick them back up again? You may not have placed them in a way that the game likes.
  6. I'm missing part 2 of the forest talker collectibles. Any help please?
  7. lol when the deer showed up I immediately fired two arrows at him, both arrows flew straight past him. I was like, excuse me? I tried again and I guess I got him because he started running around everywhere like crazy. I managed to hit him with another arrow. The even funnier thing was that I was able to pluck out the two arrows lodged in his body as he was running around.
  8. I'll have to do that when I replay the episode! That's pretty clever haha. The fish is heavy as balls though!
  9. Found that out when I got to Skeeter's Ridge. I was like OHHHHHHHHHHH...
  10. Aside from some minor frustrations, I've really been enjoying my playthrough of episode three so far. I most of all appreciate just how much of a problem the cold is when playing on hardened difficulty while traversing Pleasant Valley, even with a decent set of clothing. It makes the story that much more enjoyable to play and heightens the stakes of every moment in the story. Granted, there are lots of free infinite fire sources and firewood and coal aplenty, but the challenge is still there and it makes me wonder where that challenge was for episodes 1 and 2.
  11. Where is the rope by the way? It's clearly been moved and I couldn't for the life of me find it. As mentioned earlier, it's not needed, but it'd be nice to know.
  12. I thought I was the only one! I find it annoying that you can't get to Skeeter's ridge if you go up the path to the crash site. Everything is walled off, meaning you have to go back down the path and go all the way around.
  13. Blizzard frequency seems to have increased on interloper, particularly in Pleasant Valley.
  14. Sometimes exiting a car or falling off a small ledge will cause your character to crouch really low temporarily.