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  1. I really like part one! Part two would make sense as long as "overconsumption" is at least semi-realistic - 2 cups of coffee back to back wouldn't give me the jitters for example. If done right I think it'd be neat
  2. Hello, hello! I am a boring Pilgrim player and I care more about immersion than vital game mecanics - so sue me! Now, as much as I do enjoy the canned peaches... what about canned pineapples? Or canned green beans? Or canned mixed fruits etc. etc. Basically I'm asking for re-skins and maybe some slight number crunching of items already IG, because as a Pilgrim player I do love me some diversity to my canned fruits and veggies. Is it vital? No? Is it game changing? Nah? Would it add to my enjoyment of a game I already love and adore? Yes.
  3. Herre jävlar! Har jag inte svarat i denna post ännu? Har spelat till och från sen åtminstone 2017 - och så fort det blir värmebölja så är jag tillbaks in The Long Dark
  4. I've been in favour of lighters before and I still am. Not because it offers any great bonuses or major gameplay greatness, but because it'd make sense that it is something people would leave behind. It's the same thing for me as alcohol and cigarettes - there might not be any great buffs, but it'd make sense that they were there - because humans.
  5. KarinmedQ


    Now we have maple syrup!! Now we just need some pancake mix and we could have a grand old meal!! I am semi-serious on this one, pancake mix that needs to be mixed with water - or maybe the condensed milk for a very sweet pancake - would be cool! Add some maple syrup on top of the finished pancake and you've got a fantastic meal, perfect for breakfast with a cup of coffee! Is it immersive? Well, yes, for us Pilgrim roleplayers it would be I think
  6. Well, seems that I agree with part of it at least XD
  7. If they added this I might actually go for a custom run rather than sticking to good old pilgrim.
  8. KarinmedQ

    Canned Veggies!

    Corn in mine too... because I don't like especially like it except for in one or two dishes and that's why I never use it XD
  9. Yeah, I think I heard that that might be the case when I last hanged around the forums waaaayy back. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of actual proof that it's not going to happen. (I'm still going to wish it was a thing even if it's never going to be XD)
  10. KarinmedQ

    Canned Veggies!

    Canned veggies would be neat, green beans, peas or perhaps corn being amongst the most common canned goods staples in many RL cupboards.
  11. Now I am not sure a chronical medical condition like the ones suggested is something that could be easily done, even if it is an interesting idea, there is one thing I have been considering... ... what about being able to contract a cold? At completely random. Because having a cold, just a common cold, in "normal" day to day life isn't that big of a deal, but in the Long Dark...
  12. +1 I would like to be able to get rid of old campfires too.
  13. Thank you And that's true! Poor Interlope survivors probably wouldn't get to taste the sweet sweet honey. Or it would be like find one jar of honey with veeery little left in one of the... 7 (neither math nor memory is my strong suit) maps.
  14. Neccessary? Nope. Funny? Yup! I approve of this idea.