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  1. It wasn't during the aurora. Also yeah.
  2. It's the tractor on the gas station in Coastal Highway.
  3. Yeah, guess I'll do some exploring and moose huntin'
  4. Okay, I get into the dam, open the door and I get the power switch on... But when I start to make my way towards the elevator the power goes out and the character goes like "I'm gonna be stuck here a while better see what I can use." And that's it. Can't get in the elevator.
  5. Raf109

    Bear is BS

    I fired at the bear when he started to charge at me from far away. Then fired the flare gun at him. It always scares him off. Also, you should remove your clothing when getting near the bear... if you think you'll get attacked of course.
  6. So how do people go 50+ days in the sandbox without getting bored? I'm playing on stalker and I already got a base set up and the supplies I need. What should I do next?
  7. What? Hinterland will stop supporting this game in Windows 7?
  8. > Select Stalker difficulty > Spawn in Costal Highway > Have fun with the wolves But seriously though, I lost most of my fear for wolves because I've been finding them everywhere in Stalker. When you encounter these guys, you'll not only learn how to escape them but also notice how even if you get caught, it's not that big of a deal to be scared.
  9. Jackrabbit is fine, wolves spawn around the island normally, but with one extra wolf now.
  10. I have stayed in the house inside Jackrabbit Island for most of my runs, and I've never noticed a wolf on Misanthrope Island until recently when I decided to play with the Stalker difficulty.
  11. I would appreciate if the timer for day and night would stay at the screen when we sleep or pass time.