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  1. I was just about to post my own thread on this. This is completely out of wack now. Spend 12 hours crafting some boots and 5 hours crafting some mitts, both at 50% after fishing outside for 4 hours and another few hours of walking here and there. I understand poor weather should affect clothing but the rate is all messed up in terms of balance on other factors. I'm 30 days in and on my 2nd pair of both mitts and gloves, I haven't even gotten to the wolf coat. Normal wear and tear on even poor quality clothing is months or years under weekly/daily washing in TLD you can expect a pair of something to last a week or two at most and that is ridiculous. Please adjust the rates, you have to spend alot more time outdoors now for firewood which means you will be exposed to more storms, it was your hope as developers to get people outdoors more, don't punish us for trying to make it work. Several successive overnights would be very much impossible without stripping naked which makes no sense and isn't in any other game/movie/book/painting, or survival manual I've ever read.
  2. New forage system is great, however next level would be getting snow from outside, we really have a disconnect on snow, because if you go outside with the current do not freeze mechanic with hypothermia to get snow you restart the clock, except we don't go outside to get snow because it comes from heaven.
  3. In poorer countries, typically desert conditions, but you can't survive anywhere where the temperature drops below freezing on 400-800 calories per day for a long time. They take sticks of butter and eat pure fat on trips up MT Everest, part of that is calorie consumption and the other part is it helps them stay warm by consuming something that will process by the body very easily.
  4. While this is all well and good and a necessary change, what is being done to fix the starvation exploit which is a min/max exploit which is ridiculously exploitable?
  5. +1 Absolutely necessary direction for the game to take. The whole idea of us doing all this extra work without any calorie cost, and also not suffering the ill effects of constant fatigue simply promote the exploit that is starvation. It isn't like it is too difficult to get resources either so why the devs haven't yet fixed this nobody can say.
  6. Yeah it appears to be bugged or just very poorly implemented. If you happen to be stuck somewhere, where you have to keep a fire going for 24 hours, with the way fires work, it simply is too much fuel in the early part of the game. No real problem after 20 days.
  7. This condition modifier is too easy to work around. Staying in a warmer shelter means you dont have to have a fire going at all which is not how you would fight hypothermia in winter. The 24 hour of constant warmth is also poorly implemented. The length of time you need to stay warm should be only about 12 hours as that is how long it would take you to recover from hypothermia. You should also not sleep during that time which is the opposite of how you pass the time in TLD fighting it. Going outside or even staying inside but having your fire go out and putting you below zero resets the metric again a full 24 hours. Really bad implementation. The way it should work, is once you stop freezing you start the recovery clock on hypothermia. The whole increased fatigue effect works to keep you from just enduring hypothermia forever in game but 24 hours is a long time to have to keep above zero degrees. In the early days you simply can't get enough wood without being unable to provide other resources. You could still get cold, or be cold as long as you aren't freezing and your hypothermia clock should not reset unless you start "freezing" again. Also there should be a shivering effect while you start to freeze, and get cold, only after you have hypothermia and a condition under 50% due to freezing should shivering stop and your condition rapidly deteriorate. This sort of severe hypothermia is the lethal kind. Hypothermia later on is just s nuisance but not a real threat unless combined with other layered conditions. Still it is better than before the previous build.
  8. Fires should warm on a bell curve. The times are about right but the greatest heat should be in the midpoint of the fire burning. If you build a roaring fire you should still see the greatest heating closer to the midpoint than the beginning and as the fire burns down to embers the coals should throw off heat for a few hours or an hour instead of a few minutes. These embers should also allow you to restart a fire.