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  1. Since there is no running water, no worry. Looks like an "up nord" type sink to me.
  2. Bug Camp Office is pitch black for most hours of the day, even when you have a fire lit there is no ambient light, I suspect the interior is classed as a cave at night because there is a daylight ambient light level. Bug, Wolf disappearing on Mystery lake on the path from Muskhorn, on the tracks on the way to the Camp Office, I encountered a wolf while encumbered, on interloper and knew I was dead if it didn't go for a decoy which I dropped, and it barked once, then disappeared in front of me. Yeah that's a bug. While moving out from the Trappers Homestead making my way to Camp Office, I see 5 deer in the area, and am picking up sticks, right in front of me tracks are dissappeaing, Would appear deer only make tracks for the last 100 feet. Maybe that should be changed?
  3. What I am saying is I am finding there isn't enough time to get the sticks on IRL before the fire goes out because there is no embers. Were talking less than 3 seconds here.
  4. Camp Office, Ready to get a fire going with my torch that I brought in from outside, having started the fire with the mag glass, whole thing takes about 3-4 min in game time, and you get a fire going with a torch you get 1m on the fire, and as soon as you extinguish the torch, you've lost the fire. FUCK! Go back outside and if your first fire is till burning you can try again another 3-4 min time sink. I just feel the 1m (2-3 game seconds) isn't enough and why the hell don't you have any embers for a fire you just got going. No option to add 2 sticks either.
  5. Not only this but anybody else annoyed to all hell, that you start a fire, and get that 1m, and you dont even have time to add fuel. It doesn't go to embers it just burns out. Super lame. You should have a minimum 5 seconds to add fuel when you start a new fire.
  6. I really like this latest build. I have activated "carpal tunnel prevention mode" when you get down to it, we still click too much even with this mode but at least is it better than it was in the test builds. I'm squarely looking at harvesting cattails stalks and heads as too much clicking, but overall I feel the build is the best yet. Yes the menu is different and not as efficient, but you can hotkey sufficiently to get around that. It also feels more cohesive and will serve Hinterland well when they expand the game with new seasons. I do like the grid size for items, and the detailed information in them. I can live without the ability to mess around deciding how I'm going to open a can of soup and I think I will like the mapping aspect of the game once I get more into it. I have also enjoyed the increased difficulty in interloper, where it makes sense. Seems being outside gets you dead faster if you aren't properly dressed, but being able to get rabbits going from day one is a huge game changer in terms of keeping you alive and doesn't leave you feeling so hopeless if you miss a survival corner. The whole quartering aspect is also awesome. It gives you tons more to do do indoors to pass the time on the sundial as it is, which is a huge game-play hole that finally feels fixed. I hope this doesn't trigger cabin fever too much but at least you can be outdoors and have more survival effected. Once primitive firemaking makes it into the game, hint "ASAP Please" then we will have a complete survival game. We should all be excited for the coming launch and I personally am very excited after waiting for years for the polished game.
  7. Why don't they make the UI completely disappear and allow you to toggle on, and by on I mean all of the information, and toggle off with a single key? The new UI isn't working out and makes me want for .393 again.
  8. It's 2017, anybody with less than 4GB system memory. Give us a damn break. Still designing for Windows XP I see.
  9. Oh G, with a 95% death rate to wolves, and after 3 years of supporting the game, I must have missed that, the point is to die to wolves. Sure. Here I thought the theme of the game was "How far will you go to survive?" Evidently the answer is not far enough to sit on your ass and spend an hour making a spear and halving your odds of dying to a wolf. Respectfully, we disagree. Wolves are not easily avoidable in all circumstances, and in some they are unavoidable which means you have to deal with them. Particularly in Interloper in your first 10 days your odds of it being a wolf getting you are something like 90%, while your odds of survival might be better it gets annoying dying repetitive deaths.
  10. I understand the argument against invalidating wolf risk and a spear or club can never negate wolf risk, anymore than trying to use a bow and arrow and sometimes missing can, there should always be some risk. However the risk should be higher not carrying a club, not carrying a spear, not using your knife, hatchet, or sharp rock to fashion a spear, and if you have a spear it should be effective at both allowing you to joust as well as attack. A wolf should also be able to run off with a spear, or pull it from you, things that change up the experience. If you act aggressive with a spear it should reduce the odds that a wolf will simply come up to you and then move off, etc. All about balance. It really is too bad these things are being advanced in the game instead of UX/UI changes which nobody asked for, nobody demanded, and nobody now thinks are needed because the UI was largely made great almost a year ago.
  11. The only TLD wolves that are like the wolves of the real world are the wolves in Pilgrim playmode. In any other mode they will attack you. Thus they are a threat. More than any other threat, more than any other animal, wolves have been responsible for player deaths in TLD. By at least a factor of 10X the next cause.
  12. A spear or club would be an hour 1 weapon. I've always favored it. I think the torch or decoy are interesting "thinking options" meanwhile the wolf of the wild is thinking "awww how cute to drop a decoy" But I dont eat things I haven't had to chase down and kill, and for a torch they think "oh man that is scary good thing it only burns for a few minutes". I like options but not having a spear or club is just silly. This is something you would immediately seek in wolf country.
  13. I don't think the game needs new regions as bad as it needs more depth of the experience. I'm glad that the story mode will finally be pushed out and the game can continue to grow but many of the ideas on the road map need to come too and come in a more reasonable time frame. Not years from now but months. Waiting for years has been the only curse of the game but now that the final polish is in on the story mode and many of the areas will have their object density passes complete, fleshing out the road map systems and player abilities is necessary if not crucial.
  14. Maybe wait to play it shall we?
  15. Light-hearted PUN of all the STEAM responses to the countdown http://i.imgur.com/T5B8jlV.gifv
  16. The response here was much more muted versus on Steam. I think there were a few really bad instigators who seemed to take pleasure in the unfortunate situation.
  17. It isn't about hype. It is about maximizing the value of the game to generate sales, which in turn fuel further development. If you allow the STEAM reviewer sheep to shit all over the product you are going to have a hard time selling it at any price. Each % of negative reviews costs a few 100K in sales losses over the long haul. They had a very solid 90% last 30 day review trend for years. Now they are at 79% because of the anger by the poor marketing decisions. In the months leading up to a release you need solid engagement and a muti-faceted approach to solidifying the brand. The absolute worst time for negative reviews is when you raise the price and plan to launch. This is DANGER WILL ROBINSON!
  18. Hinterland has a great product in The Long Dark sandbox mode or Survival mode as they are now going to call it. They did a good job transitioning it from its infancy on Unity 4 and expanding it into Unity 5 and a great job accommodating player feedback and testing in order to refine the sandbox experience that exists today. They should be commended for expanding the scope of their project and taking the overwhelmingly positive feedback and expanding on the ideas as well as continuing to work towards the singular vision they had for the game. On the other hand, their blunder with the countdown is an acknowledged and apologized for thing, and it has damaged the brand far too much already by disproportionately damaging review score ratios between the overall rate which was 95% positive to the latest 30 days which are down to 79%. I can't state the danger of that type of trend enough. Especially with them bumping their price up at this point because higher prices also slow sales down. Clearly they are not enacting the "shilling forces" on STEAM forums, which is good, or major multi vector marketing efforts that AAA developers use to impact perception on the products. However, it would be wise to get a professional marketing team in to help contain and salvage their self created public relations situation. The situation on the Steam Forums is such that a $50K investment in a short term contract with a publicity firm at this point to formulate and articulate an engaging response with Raph would be prudent solution to the out of control nature of the frenzy there. Maybe a 20 or 30 minute interview reviewing the project and objectives and a detailed explanation of why the project has been extended so long past the originally implied time frame to the Hinterland has a strong level of integrity that has never really been questioned to this point. But Steam perception will drive sales trends for the game overall. Without getting this PR situation under firm control ASAP, TLD may very well be a one hit wonder which would be a damn shame for Hinterland and the community who have stuck with it for so long. Myself in various ways since 2014. Respectfully, KD7
  19. I'll wait to play it. Looks like we'll be waiting until August to play it.
  20. I certainly hope they figure out a way to fix this PR problem they created. Wouldn't take much but they have to be concerned with shaking the STEAM monkey tree. Regardless of what developers say about STEAM/STEAM SALES, the heads up by players on STEAM Forums are a real danger for games if reputation goes sour. I am sorry for them too however this wasn't entirely out of their control. The countdown was their idea, the trailer their idea, the release date under their control, development fully under their control. Their public statements and timelines they issued and the general consensus that exists on those forums and communication channels is that their timeline continues to push back farther and farther into the future. Recall when this game was 3 months from being done in 2016. Or when there was a roadmap indicating another sandbox update prior to the story release. There is buzz circulating now that your purchase only covers episodes 1-2 now, and that episodes 3-5 are sold separately. I don't know if that is valid but certainly that sounds for those "early access" folks like it would feel like bait and switch. Anyway the game is awesome, and the experience is real and valid, the difficult grim and the challenge varied, it just hasn't hit the potential many have hoped for.
  21. Just have a look at the STEAM forums or Reddit. Its like they sacrificed a cow or something live on youtube with this countdown. Really screwed the pooch.
  22. Make a 22 day countdown to announce nothing new except a release date which is 120 additional days away and piss off your entire online community after already taking 4 years to develop.
  23. I dont think that guy even works at Hinterland anymore. They are using Unity 5, and it allowed larger maps, more items on the maps, better performance.