Arrow to the knee ?!? How about bullet to the ... !


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Never, ever shoot bear in the ass.

By the time i started recording that bear was on a binge for good 10 minutes(as 2 game hours).

[bBvideo 560,340:cb8qf0b8]


So, its safe to say that gunshot wound in the... lower back is curable by approximately 3 hours of good running.

Note: nm that chatter in the background, i had twitch open.

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If the running bear can get far enough away from you to be considered in another area, it goes back to walking. Animations do not drop blood while animals are walking. But the animal still carries a bleedout timer and will drop dead when time expires.

If you did indeed hit it in the hindquarters using the rifle, standard bleedout time is 6 hours. Long time.

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Bear might have vanished, i shot a wolf yesterday in CH on the ice under clear weather conditions, followed the wolf until the draw distance wouldn't render him anylonger, or so i thought but when i got closed the wolf had gone up into thin air (i could still see wildlife beyond the point where i thought the wolf was no longer rendered)

Also, no death sound, 100% positive this wolf had dissapeared entirely before dying.

Blood trail also stopped at the spot where he had vanished.

This time i saw it happen, other times i was positive it had happened though i had no visible proof.

Already posted this in the bug section, but not this particular one as it happened yesterday.

I also had my friend over and he saw it as well.

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Sorry to resurrect this topic, but I think I saw that exact same bear last night! Exploring DP, working my way along the shoreline from the broken bridge toward the Hibernia complex, and he ran up behind me and nearly bowled me over! I think that was the only time my blue pants nearly turned brown from playing a game! My laptop considered a dive to the floor which would have been disastrous (it is concrete beneath the wood boards) and the word that came out of my mouth once I got my breath back was one I don't use often, and certainly not in polite company such as this!

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