Workbench for Old mans beard crafting


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This one's been bothering me for a while but it bothers me even more in timberwolf. Why on earth do we need a crafting bench to craft old man's beard? It seems ridiculous that I need to make a 2 day trek to a work bench just to line a bandage with a plant.

Why can't this be accomplished using the actions menu on the item?

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This is one of the small things that baffled me, too. I can understand why we need a workbench for something like crafting arrow shafts, but what exactly are we doing with the old man's beard lichen that requires a workbench? Are we grinding it up or something?

On that note, why do we need the workbench to combine a fishing hook and a line? That seems even more absurd. There've been times that I had a hook and a line, but apparently I can't just tie them together to make fishing tackle. Can anyone explain why this makes sense?

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My opinion, you shouldn't need a workbench for any of the crafting tasks currently in game.

It'd be a better system if you could craft anywhere, but be able to speed up the process and improve the quality of the final product by using a workbench. Make it a significant upgrade to work on a bench, and it'd be still worth using, but it would make the system feel more intuitive and believable.

Come to think of it, it'd be nice if you were able to use any old table for this purpose - perhaps different types of surface giving different degrees of benefit. It would add a lot more depth to the experience, and make it feel less arbitrary and gamey.

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I'm not too fond of the crafting anyways.

I can eat to full stomach and if I don't eat again be dead a day later...but I can easily make a wolf jacket once I get 4 air-dried hides and some gut?

Seriously. Take out the hacksaw, just abandon the idea of cutting up metal to get metal junk.

Instead, find a few items that can be chopped up now and have them give a bit of metal scrap. Chair is perfect example. Some shelves too.

"fixing" your stuff? You are probably wiring it together. There's the old saying about everthing on the farm being held together with duct-tape and bailing wire! It's not like you are grinding and welding and hammering sheets of steel. No need for bench.

Also, the whole fishing tackle seems off. As said, MAYBE you need a bench for making a hook out of the springs you salvaged from the chair you chopped up, but probably not. You sure as heck don't need a bench to tie a string to your hook. Fishing should just require you to have a hook and line. (well, bait too) not 'fishing tackle'...not unless the tackle is supposed to represent you making a fake lure out of the string.

On, and hook shouldn't wear out, instead there should be a small chance of loss. But you keep the string. So you just need to make sure you have multiple hooks.

if you are one of the few who is forging arrow heads, well they don't take much metal so the small bits of metal scrap you get should get when you break apart furniture should be plenty for making arrowheads.

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