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  1. I agree it seems odd that they introduce the tinder mechanism in the game...and it fits because you can't just use a log and a match to make a fire...and then drop it when you get to a certain level. Now, hauling around tinder SUCKS...but I wish they had never gone the route of making tinder useless at level 3 and higher
  2. This has been discussed a million times and I've given my opinion a bunch and I'll do it again. I'd like to see a fox added. If you somehow manage to kill it you can get 0.3-0.5 KG of meat (less than most rabbits) and 1 gut, so it isn't worth trying to hunt, it's mainly just for a bit of visual fun. Have it occasionally appear in rabbit areas and hunt a rabbit, then despawn. Have it run away as soon as it senses humans. Next up, add owls. Like crows, they can't be targeted for killing, just have them around doing stuff. Every once in a while have one swoop down onto the snow like it just caught a mouse or something. To be honest these things would be like the stars and moon, mainly just to add to the beautty of the game.
  3. I'd like to see having a base 'bed' that gives zero warmth bonus, like of like the sleeping spot on cave floors. Cars would fall into this category Beds would have blankets. Most cabin beds would have 1-3 blankets which could be 'harvested' or 'added to' Number of blankets = increase warmth bonus. In addition to blankets you could also add your bedroll and cured furs (there'd be a max amount warmth bonus gainable though...i'm thinking 15...slightly more than bearskin roll) I'd set 2 degree per blanket, 1 degree per deer hide, 4 degree per moose, 6 degree per bear, 5 degree per bedroll (less with condition), 12 degree per berskin bedroll Blanket can be harvested for 5 cloth, 3 blankets can be crafted into 1 bedroll (yes, it would be more warmth to add 3 blankets to a bed than to take 3 blankets and craft a bedroll then add bedroll...but bedroll can be used anywhere for sleep blankets only work with beds, you are basically 'wasting' one blanket for this versatility) Bearskin bedroll would take 2 bearskins plus 5 cloth...the same basic materials as adding a blanket. I do NOT think you should be able to craft blankets out of spare cloth. If you can't find any more blankets in the world you better kill a couple bears and add some cloth!
  4. I think tinder should make ignition more likely, not necessarily faster. Heck maybe ignition time should always be in relation to how much over the target goal your RNG was. If you needed a 70% to start the fire normally, and you added extra tinder to increase your chance of starting the fire to 75%, and you RNGed a 74, then having that fire take the full igniton time to start is probably realistic...good thing you had all that tinder ro you would have failed, and you probaly used every second of it's burn time to get the fire started. Similarly, sikp the extra tinder and you RGN a 12, BOOM fast fire Accelerant could be set up to increase fire start likelyhood by 90% basically meaning a really bad RNG roll still gives a fairly fast fire igntion time and an average or good RNG roll gives you FAST START FIRE
  5. I agree with you guys on tinder. After level 3 tinder used to start a fire should give a small increase to the chance. I'd actually set it up so 'extra tinder' is like 'accelerant' At level 1-2 you HAVE to use tinder, but if you also use 'extra' tinder you get +2%. Post level 3, your only tinder use would be 'extra' After a fire starts, you should be able to add tinder just like any other fuel. The Tinder should add 2 minutes burn time. An EVEN BETTER method would actually be for the type of tinder to have some small impact on fire starting chance. Tinder Plug = +2% starting +2 minute burn time Cattails = +3% starting, +1 minute burn Paper = +3% starting, +1 minute burn Birch Bark = +2% starting, +1 minute burn News sheet = +3% starting, +4 minute burn time. Newspaper role = +5% starting, +8 minute burn time Newspaper is set up to increase burn time same amount regardless of if it is processed, but investing in process time either gives you more 'chances' to start the fire initially or a slightly better chance if you are using 'extra'.
  6. Actual wilderness survival with predators trying to eat me? Spear gets made first. Now, let's talk about this game. What can the spear add? Well, I think it is fine for crafted items to be better than found items, and I think the spear can be made to imitate functionality we already see. First, let's make the spear somewhat hard to make. Can't be ridiculously hard as part of the utility of the spear is it's simplicity. But I envision a new type of sapling for spear. Something like an 'Exceptionally Straight Sapling' So now you need an axe and some time for it to cure. Next up you need a knife. Now, this is sacrifice! If you one knife, do you give it up to make the spear? Finally, need guts to lash knife to spear, I'd go with 4 guts. #1 Brandish. You have a chance of scaring off a wolf that is closing in for the attack. Not 100% chance, but a reasonable chance #2 Defense from wolf on frontal attack. It always seemed odd to me that a wolf jumping on my back or on my front the fight is the same. Seems there should be SOME benefit to facing the wolf walking backwards hoping he doesn't attack but preparing yourself if it does. Here's were spear comes into play. if the wolf charges and you have the spear equipped you are still going to get hurt but not as bad. If spear is equipped you have a head start. 20% chance wolf self-inflicts a minor would to himself, and immediately runs off bleeding...you are knocked down but otherwise unharmed. 60% chance you inflict some preliminary damage to the wolf, meaning the fight on the ground will take less long, so you'll have less damage to your clothing and body, but will still get hurt, Wolf will run off bleeding at a higher rate, so will die faster. 20% chance wolf manages to duck/dodge spear and attack happens as normal. #3 bear killer. No chance of brandishing off bear. Bear attacks and still does massive damage to you, but SLIGHTLY LESS than normal. Biggest factor is the spear inflicts a serious wound on the bear causing it to finish the attack and run off bleeding in much worse shape, bleeds to death sooner. All attacks have a chance of breaking the spear. Bear has a high chance of breaking spear. To me, crafting an 'improved' weapon is no different than crafting improved clothing.
  7. You would probably need 20 hacksaw blades
  8. akodo1


    I have also suggested reading bonus for sitting in the padded chairs.
  9. By two handed hatchet I assume you mean (drumroll...) ax! Three basic types of axes 1. Hatchet/Handaxe - roughly 1 foot handle, give or take a few inches. Often under a pound. Convenient to carry. Not really effective for serious work. Not really enough room for two hands. 2. 3/4 axe - roughly 2 foot handle, give or take a few inches. Usually 2 to 2.5 lbs. Sometimes called hunter axe, small axe, forest axe, hudson bay axe. Idea is it is lighter and easier to carry (especially in a backpack) but still big enough to do some serious chopping 3. Felling axe - generally a little over 2 and a half feet. 4 to 5 lbs. This is the axe of choice for serious chopping...like chopping down trees all day. There are other axes but they are more defined by having axe heads of certain shapes to do specialty work
  10. yes, got the dates mixed up, I'm from the area on the south dakota minnesota border. Some of the factors of the children's blizzard is that the weather was very cold AND the snow was extremely fine, some described it like flour, which really helped it take visibility down to LITERALLY not being able to see your hand if you stretched it out in front of you.
  11. fun variant. Have multiple variants of soda, candy, chips. Randomly generate 1 of each as the character's favorite. Implement morale. When your character eats his favorite of these, he makes some remark so you the player can identify it, and gets a morale boost when eating his favorite.
  12. akodo1


    I have always felt the Newsprint and Newsprint Roll were too similar in game, as there is so much other paper around. In the past I have proposed they switch one (newsprint) to a more generic 'papers' Similarly, there are multiple flavors of soda that all game mechanicwise works the same. We could combine these two ideas. Keep Newsprint Roll. Replace Newsprint with 'papers' (exact name to be determined) but acts mechanically the same way (can be harvested for 2 tinder rolls, or can be used directly as tinder) Have 3 types. Junk Mail; Business Papers; Old Money. they'd each have their own picture, appropriate to the name.
  13. I am from the area hit by the 1888 blizzard you are talking about. I want to talk about some things that might be being missed, or intertwined. Blizzard is describing the condition where blowing snow drastically reduces vision. Cold temerautre is something else. And of course wind-chill is a third element. This third element interplays with the other two. You need wind for a blizzard. Wind provides the additional cooling which is measured as wind-chill factor. Even on a still day, if it's bitterly cold your nose hairs freeze, making breathing 'wierd', and I don't know if it's because the eyes dry out so quickly or as a reaction to the cold and trying to warm them up, but it stings to keep your eyes open, and they water like crazy. You crunch your eyes together until your eyelashes are really close, that fills up with your tears and you try and look through it, the whole world a hazy mess. And then the tears start to freeze so you close your eyes and try and rub down on your eyelids to peel the ice off. This isn't blizzard related (can't see because of blowing snow) this is bitter cold related, either raw still temperature or wind-chill. Same with frostbite, ice on your sleeves, rubbing your checks until you've ripped the flesh to the bone. It's not related to the blizzard part of the storm, but to extreme cold (which speeds the frostbite) which is related to the wind. So I think it's important here that if there are enhancements, they are applied correctly. Walking in a very strong wind should slowly turn the character even if not in a blizzard. Extreme cold should make your vision blurry even if no wind is blowing.
  14. so I had started reading a book and I selected it to burn and it warned me 'you are not done researching, are you sure yo want to burn?' or some similar message. Are you saying if I haven't started reading at all, this warning won't pop up? Because if so that seems wrong. But yes, I am a fan of being able to throw all sorts of stuff on the fire. First is tinders, adding 1 minute burn time per tinder. You really going to let your 2 stick fire burn out when you have 100 tinders in your pack?. Anything that can be made into tinder also should be burnable. As should cloth. and clothing items. and fuels. While technically burnable, I'd say no to having food, hatchet, and rifle be fuel options. I am undecided on if rope should be fuel. But honestly the whole fire thing is odd, the way temperature grows as you add fuel even if adding fuel just before the fire goes out, and adding fuel to a roaring fire adds just as much burn length as adding fuel to a small campfire. Seems to me game should be set up so if you have 8 logs to last you through the night, it's wasteful to throw all 8 on the fire at once which would give a hot burning fire that then dwindles and goes out 4 hours later. You are better off putting on 2 to start, and waking up periodically to add a fresh log to get the fire to burn all night long and still probably have a couple logs left over. But game says all-logs-now or logs-gradually-overnight = all the same.
  15. My assumption also is the soup is condensed. If you were cooking it normally you'd dump the can in the pot, then dump an equal amount of water into it as well to make it 'soup'. Without that extra can of water, it doesn't really help your thirst much. Although I will note that I think the amount of hydration you get from peaches seems a bit high, and that I think condensed milk should give no measureable hydration.