This game needs to have a SAVE OPTION


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Forget the Autosave..... I loaded up today and have literally lost hours of gameplay, because the Autosave has not worked. Again.

Hinterland you need to provide a save option because with a game that is this labour intensive, when it doesn't save.... Well, it's not even funny.

A game like this that has you labouriously micromanaging resources and everything else, that 'Auto save' needs to work 100% of the time..... And it simply doesn't.

(I'm playing on Stalker)

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Xbox one......

It's about the third time it's happened. It doesn't happen a lot, thank goodness, but as you can probably understand being a member of the Dev team, the game asks a lot of the player in terms of time, and when it doesn't save you lose hours of gameplay it's painful !

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