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  1. Xbox one...... It's about the third time it's happened. It doesn't happen a lot, thank goodness, but as you can probably understand being a member of the Dev team, the game asks a lot of the player in terms of time, and when it doesn't save you lose hours of gameplay it's painful !
  2. I'm playing on Stalker, and I've been managing my resources quite effectively. Have enough Wolf and deer skins to make the animal clothing but need some more guts... But I have run out of bullets on the gun and have been lucky enough to find a single arrow for the bow I crafted... Thank goodness, otherwise that bow would be a complete waste of time... Seriously, forging arrow heads? Requiring finding the furnace, finding enough coal, heating the fire to the right temp etc etc.... Lol. Gimme a break. I do have a life, and a job, how many hours do they think we have? I'm all for realism, but ju
  3. Forget the Autosave..... I loaded up today and have literally lost hours of gameplay, because the Autosave has not worked. Again. Hinterland you need to provide a save option because with a game that is this labour intensive, when it doesn't save.... Well, it's not even funny. A game like this that has you labouriously micromanaging resources and everything else, that 'Auto save' needs to work 100% of the time..... And it simply doesn't. (I'm playing on Stalker)
  4. Hunting bow is rubbish after frankly some extreme busy work to get all the items needed, forging arrow heads!!! Seriously? It's lack of ways to fight back... Needs a spear. It should have rain as well as snow Ultimately not enough to the experience... But nevertheless an amazing game considering how one note it is......
  5. Ok so I haven't played in a while..... Forgot how good this game is. If only Fallout 4 had all this stuff as well ! So immediately I noticed changes. 1) animal limp now and slow down when wounded! Brilliant! I requested for that... 2) now this annoyed me. Arrowheads! Now have to be forged?!! Are you kidding me?! I mean why can I not just make some sharp pointy wood arrows? And also you have to make birch and maple saplings more common. I mean it's all this busy work for a bow that is ultimately not very effective!! 3) give us the ability to make a Spear. You know it's a difficult balance is
  6. I could hear his voice..... But nothing else... No footsteps when I attempted to move about... Had to reload the game... And it goes black every time upon re entering the trappers homestead... A reload also bug out as it reloads all random items in the home stead. I now have 3 rifles!
  7. Definately storing raw meat outside in the snow should reduce its degrade time by at least 75% !!
  8. You have tracks - why not animals?? Would be useful for hunting or staying clear of wolves...
  9. On Stalker Difficulty (just started playing Stalker difficulty) Re-entering the Trappers homestead, screen goes black. Have to reload game and then it loads back up only it resets the random items spawning in the homestead. Now have two rifles for example due to bug. Please correct this?? Thanks
  10. This moralizing is not relevant to game play. Take it outside please. Agreed... Bullying? It's a game! Let's keep on topic and relevant to gameplay... I for one want some kind of combat - but balanced, I don't want to eliminate the edge wolves have, and the feeling of vulnerability That makes the game tense.
  11. Now I KNOW this is NOT the focus of this game. I for one like that. However, wolves and bears still pose a significant threat, (more so wolves, bears are easier to avoid)! My suggestion is that combat needs revising. Because like it or not wolves do attack - and the reality is that most of us would be able to make a impromptu spear, or swing a heavy stick at it, to do a better job at fending the bugger off, than the character in TLD. Of course I wouldnt want to tangle with a real wolf, but yet I really feel some kind of simplistic 1st person combat system would not be out of place here. I pr
  12. You know there's a fine line between realism and taking the mickey - this IS a game after all. In real life if I was aiming down the sight of a bow, in real life I could probably aim correctly... But this is NOT real life and I'm looking at a computer game bow with no reticle and I can't hit hardly anything more than 10ft away. Hinterland? Gimme a break.... Please put in an aiming reticle, I've yet to play a game that didn't give you an aiming reticle or Iron sights for guns, it's a necessity.
  13. Don't get me wrong I didn't think the previous system was great. But this new system is sooo brain dead, it's like seriously, could no one think of a better way to fend off wolves than 'tap A' repeatedly!!! It's rubbish. Personally I'd like to to be able to put the knife and axe in my hand and to be able to attack with it, and have a simple dodge or side step move... But the old system was better than this new one. I agree it was poorly explained and I died the first couple of time before I read on the forums how to do it!
  14. Good - Foraging for wood is more realistic New graphics , blizzards are great... Bad - Crouch ... WHY CHANGE IT TO LEFT BUMPER? It feels unnatural and there was no reason to change it??? Pls change it back!!