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While in the inventory, I was digging around for my water. I clicked on what I thought was the water, only to find I was eating raw meat. At least a warning that I was about to eat raw meat would have been nice. I know that I shouldn't compare this to real life as that the developers clearly aren't trying to make it realistic; but in real life you could easily distinguish the difference meat and a bottle of water.

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Deer meat is quite dark compared to the other meats. It has happened to me once or twice as well that I ate raw meat by accident. With the way the system works currently (i.e. giving you food poisoning pretty much every time you eat raw meat) that is pretty annoying. A warning pop-up would probably be too annoying though in long-term.

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I just hate ( HATE HATE HATE) the "eating noises" games often include to show that your character is, in fact, consuming something.

Like, I wouldn't otherwise know that my character is eating unless you made them slurp and smack and generally act like an imbecile. Nope, no idea.

I mean .... DAMN. Have some class, nameless survivor! Instead of slurping soup of of the can like an idiot, why don't you use a bowl and spoon like a human being? Close your lips AROUND the food instead of smacking them on that candy bar like an overexcited dog.

Every time I eat in this game ( and many others), I start grinding my teeth after a couple of meals.


On top of that, I take umbrage with both the extremely small amount of calories we can fill up on, what we eat off animals, how we cook it, and how fast food degrades. In a winter-survival situation, where you are tromping through the woods with heavy gear, you would want to be eating at least 5000 calories/ day. At least. 2500 / day is perfectly fine when you are some office peasant, not when you need actual fuel.

Secondly, the meat we get from animals has to be literally the "least useful" parts of the animal to eat. When we butcher a carcass in-game, we get lean meat, that is, muscle tissue with all fat removed. That is the only thing we eat off the carcass. Lean meat provides protein, and that is pretty much it. In reality, you would want to eat the organs, the fat, the bone marrow, the blood, pretty much anything that isn't straight skin or bone. "Organ meats" have MUCH more calories than lean meat, as well as providing necessary vitamins and minerals ( a diet heavy in lean meat, like the one we eat in-game, is basically a guaranteed trip to scurvytown. Vitamin deficiencies are a thing.). Eating straight fat would also be a good idea.

How we cook food also has a great deal to do with how nourishing it is. When we cook raw meat or fish in-game, you can hear a sizzling sound. This signifies that we are doing little more than roasting the meat, either on a griddle or over a fire. That also is the "least effective" means of cooking meat, as all the fat in the meat leaves the flesh (the "sizzling" is fat leaving the meat and vaporizing, basically). There is a pot on top of several woodstoves in-game, why can't we make soup/broth? Soup/broth is when you take meat, fat, bones and other ingredients, throw it in some water, and boil it up. It "loses" the least amount of fat and nutrients from the meat, and whatever leaves just goes into the broth anyways, letting you drink it. Plus, it ensures the meat is always properly cooked, and makes MUCH more food with limited ingredients than just roasting/frying.

Finally, food requirements. I've eaten an entire wolf in 2-3 days. In real life, I have one leg of a deer, from ankle to shoulder, cut up into steaks and packed inside my freezer. It could easily last me a month. Enough said.

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I know that I shouldn't compare this to real life as that the developers clearly aren't trying to make it realistic; but in real life you could easily distinguish the difference meat and a bottle of water.

Well, in real life you don't get a warning when eating raw meat instead of drinking water so this game is pretty realistic in that it doesn't either.

But seriously, this game is about the player figuring thing out for himself. And warning the player that he is about to do something he shouldn't kinda ruins that.

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