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  1. My apologies for this question, but was this topic only created on Monday? This makes me feel old. I remember reading a similar suggestion a year or two ago, when money wasn't even in the game. Don't mind me, I haven't attended the forums in a while. As for the topic itself, it would be nice to see it in the survival sand box if it isn't already there. Thank you - Grimsley99
  2. Actually the compass would be the perfect troll. There have been so many discussions on how it would be useless, so it would seem like the perfect troll. ***Although it would still be could if you could have a working compass !
  3. Agreed, It would be a good thing to have if you want to scout out an area or scavenge; or just seek out the beauty of the landscape!
  4. Oh no, I wasn't talking about you, just people in general. Everyone needs to realise that this is purely speculation. Most people here don't know about half the things they speak of and that's okay. I don't know of half the things I speak of, but I'd prefer the ridiculing to stay at a professional level rather than a personal one. I'd also prefer for people to keep as much of their personal lives to themselves, rather than bringing that into the conversation. It is what people will react to. Thank you
  5. Thank you for the reminder. I do agree that it was getting kind of out of hand, and yes, we are going way off topic From what I can tell from past posts and information, apparently the poles have flipped. Basically, North is South and South is North. That's what it meant by "Geomagnetic Storm" from what I can tell. I have no idea if this is true or not, nor if this is even viable. However, I do not believe we should ridicule this information and start discussing how "ridiculous" this theory may believe. I believe, instead, that we should discuss the possibilities of what this has and could do for gameplay. The other thing is that we do not know if these "storms" are ongoing or not; whether this was just a one-off event or not. It is only a theory, and I ask that you please inform us whether this seems like a valid theory or not, and that you please respect the people on this post.
  6. You also realise that Hinterland Games is fully aware that Wolves don't attack people and try to distance themselves from humanity as much as possible (unless certain conditions are met (eg Starvation)), yet they instead go for the kill. This is added for the game purely for gameplay purposes, nothing more.
  7. I agree that newer cars have a lot less metal, but here's the thing. The cars you see in the environment, they look quite old. Earliest I'd say is the late 70s, latest I'd say is the late 90s. Also, watch the trailer for the recent and/or upcoming updates. Notice the computer and how old it is. Sign that The Long Dark is not set in the present day. I think that there is a real possibility that most electronics (especially cars) may have survived. Another thing, do remember that the developers are going to allow TVs, radios, electronics and light bulbs to work during events like the Aurora Borealis. What's to say they aren't going to allow these same electronics to be powered by the Car Battery they so diligently placed into the environment for us to notice. I'd say that there are going to be far more uses for the battery than just simply a flash light, although I am unsure on what limitations will be placed on the battery.
  8. If I may, I'd like to share a view on how they MIGHT add batteries to the game If they allow you to take the battery (I say if even though we all know its going to happen), there would have to be some way to re-generate the electricity. Cars and Utilities /Utes (I'm Australian, I don't say trucks) only occur in Pleasant Valley, Coastal Highway, Desolation Point and I have yet to traversed Broken Highway but I would figure that there would be a vehicle of some sort. The way the developers would balance this would be to place the generator in another region. Here's how I would go about it. You notice the rail line stretching from Mystery Lake to Coastal Highway via The Ravine. Every thought of why there are so many trucks, yet no locomotives. That would be how you generate electricity. It would require fuel, and even then without a source of energy to start the engine, you would have to kick start the motor. Another thought, and this is going way out there; how about a steam generator in one of the new locations soon to be added. The steam generator would be next to a small shack, suitable for staying out of the cold and charging the battery, but not much else. It would also have to be either hard to get to, or just generally hard. The steam generator would need lots of pre-melted water and plenty of coal to be of any use. The whole process would have to be hard or brutal enough to balance out the new source of energy. I think the community can understand how to do the rest (e.g. connecting the battery to a house/cabin/any appliance). These are just my thoughts, and I would love to know what your thoughts are on this. Let me know how ridiculous this sounds. Thank you - Grimsley99
  9. Seems to be failing to launch on my end as well. I'm using Mac OSX El Capitan, and as soon as I open the game through Steam it launches to a black window. Nothing happens and eventually it crashes, giving me the error report. Steam is definitely still running, I can be sure on that. Would it be helpful to have my error details. I don't know how much of it will be useful.
  10. They never let us know of any implementation until they actually release the update, so I don't think they will make any exception for this "minor" addition to the game. Most likely, they probably won't add it to the game. Of course; I could be wrong, but it seems that most things in the alpha wish-list don't get added anyway.
  11. This is actually about the main site. Sorry, I don't know where this post should go. Whenever I click on the "Join The Community" link, I get this: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}', expecting ',' or ';' in /storage/av01003/www/public_html/wp-content/themes/hinterland/page.php on line 50 This has only recently been happening. It might stop a little later on.
  12. When I say a different starting screen, I mean the screen where you select Sandbox or Story. It would be nice to see a change in the scenery every time you load the game, not always Trappers Homestead. It will randomly select a place; such as the Forestry Lookout, or the Camp Office. Maybe a change of time. Sometimes it will be morning, evening, night, day, blizzard, fog, etc. A change of scenery would do wonders instead of being stuck with the Trappers Cabin all the time. I know that time passes, but you would have to wait more than 30 minutes to see a Noticeable Difference.
  13. Following the release of the latest update, Maple Saplings (cured Maple Saplings, to be exact) have a white texture. I am unsure if this is the case of normal Maple Saplings.
  14. While in the inventory, I was digging around for my water. I clicked on what I thought was the water, only to find I was eating raw meat. At least a warning that I was about to eat raw meat would have been nice. I know that I shouldn't compare this to real life as that the developers clearly aren't trying to make it realistic; but in real life you could easily distinguish the difference meat and a bottle of water.
  15. Thanks. Although Shadow Play wouldn't work too well with Mac, I'm pretty sure OBS will. Thanks again!