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Just started playing and so far have survived a few days. My first impression of the game is very positive. Here are some points of feedback:

-- Add num lock for autorun

-- mouse wheel for scrolling through items in your hand

-- more ambient creatures (owls, foxes, squirels, etc.)

-- Is there a way to unequip the items in your hand? I couldn't figure that out and then you end up walking around with a flare or a lantern in your hand and you can't get rid of it.

-- Racks for curing items would be nice - can you make jerky? You could cure meat on the rack for long-lasting meat.

-- Discover new items to make.

-- A way to craft a map

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I think "autorun" should be "auto-motion," e.g., lock in the player into walking (or running if Sprint is used) to avoid having to keep the W (or A, S, D) key pressed when taking those very long walks down the Coastal Highway or following the extensive trails in Timberwolf Mountain. Most mouses have enough extra buttons these days that a toggle could be included without much effort.

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