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  1. Just stuff it Carbon, you have no idea what my system has or has not for surge protection (perfectly adequate) nor have you any sound notion of file integrity and susceptibility, you end up sounding like a fanboi. I posted the entire subject as a question, which, you may notice if your head wasn't where the sun don't shine, has not been adequately answered, and you have ignored that the files have been repeatedly checked for integrity by the process recommended by Hinterland with no hint of corruption. The loss of the sandbox was just a capper on a long succession of errors and save game failures that have naught to do with power loss and have been reported by numerous other users, absent any power issues at all. Since this is an alpha, the idea, in case you missed it, is to report any and all occurrences bearing on game operation that may or may not reflect issues with game system design and implementation. Such reports are not complaints but do fulfill the purpose of alpha and beta testing. Since Hinterland has chosen not to reply, for what they consider good reasons I am sure, and I won't argue that, it's a perfectly reasonable response to choose not to play until such time as the next version comes out and such issues can again be investigated via game play, to see if they have been addressed. So just put a cork in it, eh?
  2. No rollback, just a Win 10 update, the kind you cannot choose to avoid, which I dislike intensely but what can you do. I did put it off for a very long time, but once it's been d/l'd (no choice on that either) it updates on the next restart.
  3. Not kidding at all. I have had power outages frequently while playing other games and have never yet been unable to recover to the last game saved, both console and PC games. Your own knowledge of file saving seems lacking. If interrupted DURING a save, yes, corruption of that save is likely, but that was not the case. I had a perfectly viable save game on file before the outage and update, and it was not usable after the update. Plus, as other threads I have started and commented on document, there are many other problems with the FC and subsequent TLD versions that are directly connected to game saves, which were changed significantly in those recent updates. There are questions about the Steam cloud data's part in this specific problem as well, but as it is beyond my control, I have to take that as part of the overall problem. Plus, recovering an earlier save should be possible but it seems only one save game file is kept and constantly overwritten (?), which seems to me a particularly chancy approach given that outages like that I experienced are not all that uncommon, particularly in regions where lightning storms can be common. Even with a decent UPS, a strong strike nearby can surge a system to shut down, most often with no damage or file corruption of any type, as was the case here. TLD simply came back unable to use the existing save game. Since Windows updates frequently and often whether I'd prefer it or not (also beyond my control), the game needs to be able to handle it gracefully and in this case, did not seem to do so. Lack of response from Hinterland support about this is also an issue. Yes, I know they are busy getting Wintermute ready, but they also need to address ongoing issues or, as in this case, the player base can lose confidence. incidentally, if my purpose was to "point fingers,' as you so inelegantly put it, I would not have spent a fair amount of time trying to find a solution to the issue, but would have just complained and left it at that. But instead I reported an issue, asked for advice, followed it to no avail but with appreciation for the help, and in the process found what I consider a major weakness regarding TLD save-game protocols. Part of alpha- and beta-testing is encountering and reporting such problems so that they can be addressed and hopefully remedied. But if it also means the game may not be reliable in terms of preserving the progress made over many RL days of play, then it's not unreasonable for someone to back off from playing until the next update, when such problems, and the others I have reported and commented on, may have been fixed.
  4. No fun at all, unfortunately, though I do appreciate your suggestion. It did confirm that Steam was resurrecting those files, I have managed to get rid of them. But even with the old (and desired) save game in place as the ONLY files in the save game folder, TLD does not recognize it and asks for a new sandbox. I guess this is game over for me, I won't play a game with this many bugs and game-killing weaknesses. It was fun while I could actually play it, but comes with too many gotchas.
  5. I ran into the same problem, and found that yes, you can create a new issue without the Login, but there seems to be no way to comment on an existing issue, which is why I tried the Login. I intended to comment rather than make a new issue since a very similar bug had already been reported, but even after registering and creating an account I could not log in. It goes completely against my experience with bug report sites like this to not be able to comment on existing bugs reports, as it cuts down on the number of new issues created and in need of vetting, and helps verify the validity of existing reports.
  6. This did not work. I tried it with both the user001 from yesterday (after the outage but the only option) and with the new user001. Only the ep1sandbox1 that was generated from the new game is recognized, so apparently my most recent game is lost because of the Win 10 update. Seems to me this indicates a huge weakness in game save integrity, since Win 10 updates a lot. A very strange occurrence: During this process I had a few renamed files that were duplicates, so I deleted them. Upon starting TLD they reappeared in the folder. I did the deletion again and emptied the Recycling Bin, but they still reappeared when launching TLD. In the vernacular, WTF??? I verified the files once again through Steam and the report is 100% OK. EDIT: I think I see what may be happening with the "resurrected" files -- Steam is using cloud-saved data to restore them. This may also shed some light on the lost sandbox, even though there is a save file in the folder -- could it be the Steamcloud data does not agree with that file and so it's preventing me from using it now? I know a little about save games in general but nothing at all about Steam's data mechanics.
  7. Nope, I was unaware that this was an option, unless you mean a manual backup, which sadly I also did not do, not thinking it a critical requirement for playing the game. I acquired TLD over a year ago and played it then to over 250 days game time, but took a long break. I do not recall the game was ever as unstable as it has been over the last few weeks of my revisiting the frozen world via v.426. I truly like the game a lot, but it has developed a lot not to like in its latest version.
  8. Thank you for the suggestions, selfless. Is there anywhere to look for this other than the location described in the sticky re: save game files? As noted, the user001 in that location is subsequent to the power loss.
  9. I found the sticky with the save games path, and this is what is there: Folder: autosave, empty Folder: save001, many files, none with current file mod date File: ep1sandbox1, no extension, 21.6 Mb, time stamp matches time of the last game save before the power outage File: user001, no extension, 5 kb, time stamp same day as above but hours later, I think this was generated when I tried to open the game after the update What can be done to recover my previous sandbox, given these files?
  10. Keep in mind that sprinting and other strenuous activities, as well as just walking, will wear down your stamina and reduce your carry weight limit, making sprinting even less possible. It's always a trade-off between mobility speed and the amount you can carry.
  11. A power failure happened while playing TLD today, and upon restarting Windows did its mandatory update thing (I really have been trying to put this off, forever , but fate was unkind ). Now TLD acts as if this is my first time in the game -- no Sandbox saves listed. Any tips on how to resurrect my 180+ days in the world, including the last week (game time) looting Tail Section? I'm not even really sure where the saved games should be located. PC Win 10, v.426 Steam distribution Follow up: I discovered that all my progress in badges, etc., has also vanished. Do these persist from one sandbox to the next or are they specific to one?
  12. OK, that sort of makes sense, but the save games are labeled either "The Outdoors" or "Timberwolf Mountain," even when saving in the exact same spot in the cabin. Inconsistent and confusing.
  13. THREE crashes tonight within a 6-hour session. Every one set me back at least two saves. I was looting the Tail Section on Summit, was just starting to relay-haul the stuff over the cliff after sorting and breaking it all down over a period of at least three game days. I rappelled to the bottom of the cliff, started to walk away and crashed. Lost at least two full day's progress because the cargo containers I had consolidated stuff in still had the heavy crap in them, which I had hauled to the rope site first. Hours of realtime lost. You mentioned a launch in August? I do not recommend it.
  14. Already verified my files, 100% OK. Don't see much use in mailing in files that will just be ignored. Also, the save game I referenced above (Tues. 7:41) was misidentified by the load game UI -- it said Timberwolf Mountain - Outdoors, but loaded inside the Mountaineer's Hut, which was where I last saved, no progress lost here, but the screwy save game labeling was annoying. It happened twice more later on.
  15. I emailed TS an hour or so after your post -- no reply to date, not even an automated confirmation message. This doesn't bode well.