Wounded deer and wolves disappear, never to be found


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I'm pretty certain these wounded animals are doing a disappearing act. We should be able to find the carcasses of these guys after they bleed out however I'm just not finding them. They run around like crazy (wounded deer) yet never seem to drop. I've followed a wounded wolf once and it did die but once you break line of sight, they seem to despawn or something. Please make it more predictable where these animals go when wounded; slow them down as they loose blood, leave a blood trail that lasts overnight (if no storm). Maybe wolves should return to spawn point to die or go to a den or other sheltered spot. In the larger maps, I just assumed they were there but lost. With the DP map being so small, I really wonder where these guys are going to die. This seems to be more on deer than wolves because I know in the past at least, I used to find the odd wolf carcass that I'd killed earlier. Bear too. It can be quite a search for the bear.

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I'm no longer sure that they disappear...but they (at least the deer...) run like hell when shot:


I've seen that so many times on CH...and in my active run it's just the same!

Something must have been changed because now 50% of may arrows just break when they hit an animal.

And a third of the Rest won't penetrate at all.

They hit...and fall on the ground without doing any 'damage' at all.

No blood trail...nothing...

...and the deer runs not only fast...but far far away... :?

For DP they return after a while...I think because of the limited space/to few 'waypoints'.

But on all the other Maps the deer just crosses right to the other side of the map.

It's just ridiculus!

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The blood trails disappear quickly and you can't track them down. I think once they break line of sight, they disappear. How do you test this? Only the developers would know. The same seems to apply for the bear; it should be dying of its wounds but it doesn't. Two shots in the face and still no kill. It's not fair. I need that bear meat to complete my next crafting stages!! Oh well, time to start over or move to a new map with much needed resources from DP.

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I think the blood trails disappear because they don't get saved properly, when you enter a building or you harvest something they vanish...

I also heard that as soon as animals die their blood trail vanishes, I did not test this yet but that might be true too.

Player blood stays a lot longer though, I wish both types would act the exactly the same. More or less like footsteps do.

I never experienced animals to disappear, sometimes it can be really hard to find them because they run somewhere where its hard to get to. I never lost a bear or deer for example but wolfs are easy to lose track of, you have to fix yourself up and cant instantly follow or you have to get inside to do whatever and after the blood trail is gone.

I never experienced the arrow simply breaking when hitting a animal either, that only happens when the arrow is in fairly low shape already, even if it does, most of the time I get a bleeding wound too.

About the double headshot, not every hit will hit vital organs, unless you can penetrate the skull and reach the brain I don't see a reason for a instant kill.

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I just recently started having wolves disappear.  Previously, I could generally track them and even if I lost the trail snoop around and find the wolf corpse.  Now, I'm not finding them at all.  Its been consistent enough I've begun to wonder if there was a wolf graveyard somewher I did know about, then I had in my last game a wolf in my sight who disappeared while I was looking at him - blood trail reappeared (briefly) about 15 steps behind me and going in a totally different directions, but no visble critter.  


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