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I wanted to make a forum game where everyone can post a bit of story, you can write everything you can think of. But remember to leave it in the TLD/Survival universe as we are here for the Survival aspect,right? Maybe the Developers will be inspired by some of your storybits. ;3

There are only 2 rules:

  1. 1.Only one line for the story

2.the protagonist is wounded so he cant move as he wants.

I begin with- In a unlocated cave that no one knows, there was a rumour of a bear with a scar on his head.

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It wasn't until the Old Hermits nephew walked into the dank, dark cave that i could get some idea of what i really have got myself into here. The nephew, walked in hunched over with a walking stick for stability, and i could smell a stench that would of sent the bravest of all wolves running for cover.

As he got closer to me, and the twinkling light from the measly little fire that wasn't big enough to even fire a egg on, i could see a murky liquid dripping off his robe, and as he got closer i could finally see what that un earthly stench was. I stumbled back in shock when i saw it was . . . . .

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The nephew indicated that the Old Hermit was referring to himself and the experiences they'd suffered in the trials of living alone; I sat waiting to hear more of the story with my leg throbbing in pain.

(Just to note: There was a change in the scene between two of the posts, so I smoothed it out!)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.