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  1. I noticed when I rested that it saved. It was definitely noticeable enough.
  2. Ahahaha! I wish. Given that I'm getting used to the controls gimme some slack. ;D I just started tonight. I wanted to crack into it last night, but given that I was running off of less sleep than my character.... /shakes head. Oh man I'll laugh if the others think the same thing.
  3. My first play test. I knew it'd go awful, but it actually went much better than expected! Managed to stumble around for long enough to be embarrassed that I still hadn't found a hideout of some sort. Came across some logging clearings and managed to survive the night and even find supplies. Wolves did me in even though the first time I sighted and heard them I managed to avoid them! Shouldn't have turned around. Ahaha. Most excellent, ladies and gentlemen.
  4. I have both alpha and beta, though I might throw in more money so @Harsh can 'venture with me! (I didn't think about it while I was pledging. I was focused on the naming. ><; )
  5. Hahaha! Same boat as you, @Emily. I'm going to get someone to braid my hair for me and then I can put in a proper picture!
  6. I'm a total nub when it comes to hunting. ><; How-many-point-deer is that one?
  7. @BillTarling: I took a peek at your playlists. Totally a fan of most of the bands you listen to!
  8. Hahaha. /thumbs up @Raph. @IndianaJonas: I'll let him know! Uhm, I can't actually braid. :C So you guys can have a picture of me nabbing a ride in an F-18 back in '08:
  9. When I'm writing, I usually hit up Pandora with my Flux Pavilion station or chill/downtempo station. I definitely look for electronica or things like movie songs. (I.E. Anything by Hans Zimmerman!) Rob Dougan's instrumentals are glorious, too. Royksopp and Ratatat are other favorites. I tend to pull on commercial tunes because without the commercial they make some great feelings and get the creative juice flowing by the batches. ^^ [Folks will recognize this because of The Matrix!] [One of my favorite listens since it's complex, but not overly so and fits so many of my writing moods.] [Have some feels with this strong build up. Not his most famous song, but definitely an incredible one known because of Inception.] [More Dubstep, though I'd call it melodic Dubstep rather than the noise the kids are raving about these days. Repetitive, soothing, with a solid beat for my more action-oriented and character building writing.] [They have a lot of variety in their songs though, so if this particular song doesn't appeal to you, feel free to thumb through some of their other songs!] For instance, [That chill downtempo that I was talking about. Soothing.] Royksopp's Junior album [An awesome listening experience. I recommend buying it to jam to in the car while you're driving.] But what they're known for, Royksopp's Remind Me And I'll leave this here, too, anything by Two Steps from Hell (which, consequently, also makes for intense tabletop game music!): .
  10. @LoganG: So you'd want to carry around an older Robdoar, eh? Sounds like it's going to be a GREAT symbiotic relationship.
  11. Just thought I'd share this here:
  12. Oh my gosh, LoganG - that's such a difficult thing to ask! D: I likely wouldn't right away, depending on the pet because of the measure of security provided (and emotional attachment). ...Eat my wolf-dog only to get eaten by some other hungry animals. Of course, depends how dire the situation is before I have to. I know my daddy says to save your horse for last because of the life-saving benefits in so many other ways than just for the horse flesh! But I'd probably hope that I'd be able to find something else to chew on before long and keep looking. Sad but true, the dog likely wouldn't fight too hard or realize what was happening and I wouldn't need too much strength to kill and eat it if push came to shove and I had to. Difficult to say, my eyes sting just thinking about it right now as a reasonable, not-starving human being.
  13. Kessa


    Very awesome guys! I definitely had a good stare at the different posters to see which of the limited edition ones I wanted before choosing! ^^ I can't wait to hang these things up in my gaming den!
  14. I'm sitting in @Dalec's shoes. Lol. Always slammed with Steam sales!
  15. Wooo! Got a survey! Who's with me? What did you choose?