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Evening all.....After watching Microsoft at E3 online yesterday and seeing that this game was coming to game preview Xbox One the same day with the chance to buy if I liked it....I thought to myself....I will watch some Youtube vids and give the game a go with the 1 hour game trail......What can I say.......The simplicity is beautiful....The atmosphere is amazing....The game gives you a real sense of survival.....I have since purchased the game and I am looking forward to see what comes in the future.......I am dying lots......but im dying having fun....Some MP would be awesome..or co-op survival but as it is in early stage these would prob be last things on dev's minds.....You have my attention!

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Welcome to the TLD Family & Community :D

As many of the long time players can attest, "If you haven't died at least 50 times in The Long Dark, you're still considered a newb"... (we all died so much at first) :lol:

You'll find the devs do an amazing job with updates, and Raph just finished a live E3 stream interview with Joystiq discussing the story mode ahead.

Game takes practice (and a lot of experimenting and dying), but has such huge feelings of rewarding play for every success. So glad Xbox One console players will finally have a chance to try it as well... Game becomes so immersive, and there's still more ahead :)

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We were so fortunate to be able to participate in the E3 experience this year! It's a thrill to know the game will be able to reach so many more players with a wide reach across XBox and PC/Mac -- We LOVE hearing from people about their experiences in-game, and this will allow us the chance to see much more of that! When you really start seeing yourself succeed in The Long Dark, you'll absolutely feel a genuine sense of accomplishment. It's a very rewarding experience!

Thanks so much for joining the community, and for picking up the game! I'm super excited to hear you're enjoying it so far, and we look forward to hearing more from you!

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Thank you for replys all.....Slowly getting hang of it....only managed 4 days so far.......mainly because im traveling a lot and not well prepared

Takes a while, but slowly the pieces start coming together and you begin to discover "wait a minute, I've been doing this the hard way"...

That's what's surprising with the game - it let's you take your own personal approach... first instinct of all new players is to loot, hoard, and use (usually because that's been the set up habit with most games - "they gave it to us in the game, so that must mean we need to take everything right now"

The Long Dark let's you develop your style and decisions, but with time and experience you start to realize that the loot isn't endless, and so you begin to work on ways of stretching out supplies. You also then (for longterm play) learn to use the wildlife and wolves to your advantage.

In the earliest pre-alpha days, many of us practiced herding deer and leading wolves around to different areas a lot - and it paid off in learning to deal with and handle them to reduce risks. Not everyone will be comfortable with that approach though, so they develop a different approach in learning to weigh risk vs. reward, paying attention to emergency escape routes, deciding whether they need to change plans, etc.

And still others will prefer to use the dash and run tactics to dodge back and forth between loot areas. Some stay closest to the main paths, while others prefer to travel off the main areas in order to hopefully reduce the encounters, and to search for hidden treasures [loot/buildings/areas].

The main thing is the game really lets you adapt your playstyle the way you're most comfortable. It's almost like a self discovery journey. Not every method will work, but the more you adapt, experiment, die and try again, and open up to trying different approaches, the longer the survival chances grow.

It's quite a different feeling compared to the way games usually set you up for a specific way they want you to play. :)

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