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Here's the thing:

When I set nares, I like to put a good number of them (like four or five) in a bunny populated area, just to make sure that when I check them it's worth the hike.

And then I like to move them around a bit (for instance, when it looks like they've sprung; just to be sure they're set properly - or when I've actually caught something).

That means I'm moving around three or four snares every time I revisit them.

Now, what's rather annoying about it is: I have to pick up every single snare I want to rearrange, and then open the inventory every single time, get to my tools, locate the snare every single time, equip it every single time, just to set those snares anew.

You can imagine that if you have a good number of snares you're rearranging, that gets tedious. And I check my snares every day. Sometimes I'll even have them in two seperate locations. Sometimes I want to move my snares to a different location altogether because I want to offer a good location the time to repopulate before it depletes.

So in short: I'm fairly often placing and replacing quite a bit of snares.

Now, what would be really useful to me is a quickbutton for pulling out snares, just as I have a quickbutton for pulling out my flare, my lantern and my rifle.

Thanks in advance!

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