New transition zone (SPOILER TEXT!!)


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[spoil]There is transition passage from Mystery Lake to Pleasant Valley.Entrance is inside the Dam,in lower generators room,downstairs.There are doors at other side from where fire barell is placed.But,be carefull!!!

When you enter those doors,you will find yourself in pre-transition zone,a place,which is similar as inside The Dam and is quite huge.In that pre-zone you will find another doors,which leads outside,to actuall transition zone.There is one problem: When you go to actuall transition zone,from pre-transition zone,the doors will lock behind you,so you cannot go back.My advice is that you loot first that pre-transition zone,then yet enter actuall transition zone.

You will need in transition zone lantern and alot of fuel.And,I suggest you take with you alot of water,so you can drop bottles on the ground as markers.Coz,this new transition zone is way bigger labyrinth than it is Abandoned Mine tunel.You will need to drop crumbs to not get lost.Also,take quite alot of food with you and bedroll.First you will travel along frozen river,with many split ways,along which you will find random loot.Along frozen river there are at least two caves,one of them lead to PV.And that cave is also huge labyrinth,so, very,very carefull and go there well prepaired.

I still don`t know,where in PV you come out,as I didn`t explore everything yet and I slept in that cave.Anyway,it seems this Transition Zone is one way only,as doors lock behind you,when you enter it.That means,you can go from ML to PV trough that transition zone,but you cannot go from PV to ML.[/spoil]

Note: Please,remember this is spoiler post,so,respect that and make your comments according to that,so you won`t spoil gameplay of those players,who want to discover new area by themselves.

Thank you. ;)

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[spoil]Oh my, i got stuck outside at 12% condition. had even climbed over to the other side of damn, before my condition fell due to a wolf . damn should of looked around better. loving this new area though so much loot![/spoil]

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Hey guys I need some help using this new transition zone.

Is there a way out of the cave?

Where is the exit of this zone?

Found it only by the use of matches. No water, no fuel but luckily I found a bedroll inside the cave. Pretty challenging in here.

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