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  1. About 12 left, i tried to shoot it 3 or 4 times in the butt LOL, waste it.
  2. After i encounter the old bear to the 4th time, the bear run like mad and stuck there for days. I cant advance the story mode like this. I have try to go to the next favorites area but nothing happen. It happen before when i shot it the 3th time, cant find the bear at all, luckily the old bear respawn, and now this again. Do i have to replay the whole episode again?
  3. i encouter the old bear 3 times. Then i cant find him, at all. What should i do? should i replay the episode?
  4. I 'm dying from cold. Clothes are too heavy and have so little warm.
  5. traceyle


    Can you guys add some Helicopters. Love to see it in this awesome game. The idea just come to me. We have ships. trains, planes, why not helicopters too? And maybe something more like this. I cant wait to see a crashing site of helicopter.
  6. Do you see the lines in the lake? It look so very unnatural. Should make it randomly or add more pattern.
  7. I got stuck, i had to quit then reload to get out.
  8. I have never know that i can climb up to the plane. (Through the tree LOL)
  9. Near the barn in PV, at that target practice, when i shot at it and leave the arrow there, get inside the barn, get outside, the arrow double. Havent try at trees or anything else. At first i just have 8 arrows because it is all that i took out, later i have 14 arrows. You can see that in the pictures below just have 4 arrows, i took out 1 to the preview mode, but in the background still have 4 arrows. Normally the object that you pick up to see will disappear when enter preview mode.
  10. I climbed to the tail sector and take some sceenshoots.
  11. How about make every dead bodies have some Journey notes, want to read some other journeys. That will make this game more awesome. And i want to know the cause of their dead, if they are in the condition to write it down. like starving, thirst, infection,...
  12. Just a small bug in my run that i saw. 1 more step to make this game more perfect.
  13. Thanks. This is an awesome new map. So big that i m still exploring.