Who's your favorite wintermute character and why?

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Im curious to who's the most loved character, for me it's been Astrid since forever, but I'm also fond of Molly and I'd love to know more about her. 


But who are you guys favorite characters? Id love to know! 

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Protagonists aside (it's hard not to focus on Will and Astrid)-

Molly- she reminds me a lot of my grandmother (a famer and hunter who was a great shot with a bow, too) and she reminds me a bit of myself.

And also Jace- totally different career field, but her tech mastery and anarchy against Mathis just appeals to me. She is who I would like to be, I guess?

And Grey Mother- I have a very soft spot for her, because she is extremely relatable to me. Older disabled woman, managing to somehow survive on her own despite many great heartbreaks and traumas, still fighting but ready to go when it's her time. Very relatable for me, personally. I "get" her.

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