Capacity to cut fish into smaller pieces or take one portion and lose the rest


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Given that Frontier Cooking recipes that involve fish typically uses 0.50 kg of the fish taking what is needed and leaving the rest, I would like to see the ability of the character to process a fish into one kg or 0.5 kg portions so that the fish component can be more readily transported.  

Currently in Bleak Inlet and have a Rockfish 2.52 kg and a Coho Salmon 3.88 kg and the ingredients I need to make use of these two fish is at the Camp Office.  Aside from the trout that amount to about 6 kg (4 or 5 trout), the Rockfish and Salmon add up by themselves to 5.3 kg.  Right now having to carry both (well all) the fish out of Bleak Inlet and back to the Camp Office if I wanted to do those recipes.  

If I had to take just 1 kg or two 0.5 kg portions of each fish and waste the rest, that would be workable as far as Frontier Cooking goes.  The cost of being able to take some of the fish off to cook up in a recipe if the recipe output was desired.  

I suppose if I could only take 0.5 kg of each fish and waste the rest at least I would have a decision to make one way or the other.  In this latter case, it would allow one to reduce the amount of fish being carried to the minimum amount needed for Frontier Cooking recipes which would be convenient, depending on the circumstances.  

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I got all the fish back to the Camp Office, now they have been piled on the porch to await a decision to actually do a recipe.  

We can process fish into bait (3 baits per kg, wasting the rest of the kg of fish) so extending that to making only one or more 0.5 kg portions and wasting the rest might be a feasible idea to start from and extend.  

I will also mention that making a 0.5 kg portion of trout, salmon, whitefish, etc. would possibly slot into (my often suggested ☺️) generic fish (or meat portioning were  applied to meat) soup recipe that a character could make (gloss over things like onions, green onions, veggies, etc.) a hot meal from.  Other than brewed/reheated teas, coffees, and tomato soup or the output of Frontier Cooking recipes which require more time and ingredients to carry out, this would be  a probably simpler way for a character to make a hot meal. 

But that's for the devs to decide.  They have to do the backroom work after all.  

Just so you know, in case you didn't or wondered about it, I could take the travois from Forlorn Muskeg along the tracks into the tunnel to Mystery Lake and, when I appeared in the Mystery Lake end, I could move the travois (to my surprise) to the left of the railcar that would be largely blocking the tunnel entrance and exit the tunnel.  I didn't have to do the equivalent of the portage thing.  

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I need more potatoes.  I have one and recipes typically call for two.  No carrots either.  Grrrrr.  

As unlikely as it may be because it is winter and that won't bode well for finding intact stuff, maybe there could be a capacity to forage and collect potatoes and carrots in some gardens near houses on Great Bear and Far Territories? Can't be too much worse than all those Oak trees dropping acorns that suddenly popped into existence.  Root cellars might have potatoes, carrots, and maybe even burdock.  I wouldn't complain if there were onions and garlic to be found perhaps as an optional addition to some recipes.  More immersion I think.    

I hope the next update adds Frontier Cooking ingredients, some of them, to beachcombing.  


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I would love this. Maybe add a "harvest" button for meat and fish just like quartered meat bags. You can slice it up into smaller bits using a tool, or no tool and add some time. 

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