Will McKenzie


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Spoilered in case any new players see this and don't want any spoilery information about Wintermute Story Mode:


He was a bush pilot. and in the beginning of Episode 1 Will says his Dad was also a pilot who used to fly to Great Bear Island fairly often, but no one went there anymore because of the earthquakes.

If you play Wintermute Episode 1 some of your questions may be answered, while other ones are left open for you to interpret the way you see fit. I don't remember anything being said about his education, but there is a Certificate of Aviation (pilot's license) on the wall of his office. He also seems to like his booze a bit, maybe a bit too much.

The old Fandom Wiki had a lengthy biography for both Will and Astrid, but Astrid was called a different name, and other details do not match with anything in Episodes 1 & 2 (original or Redux), so I would not consider it to be an accurate biography for him, or any of the other characters in Story Mode.

The only thing that is clear, is he likes to drink, he's a bush pilot, and his father was also- the plane hangar he is in may be a family business that he now owns.



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