Workbenches at Forsaken Airfield


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There are two places at the airfield where planes were obviously being worked on. There are work areas in the large, closed, interior hangar, and in the smaller open hangar. There are tool boxes and parts scattered around. Surely if there was a place on that map where you would obviously find work benches, it’s inside those hangars. It would make sense if there was a Work Bench in each hangar, so one inside and one outside.

It would also make sense if there was a milling machine somewhere on site.

screen_(98, 162, -567)_b657225c-92bc-42c4-b020-9efea5c4e528.png

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7 hours ago, Cr41g said:

I would second this... the milling machine makes sense as would work benches in the hangers, not as it currently sitting in the basement

That basement is a curious thing. I wonder what it was built for.

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I think the workbench in the hangar basement is ideal for working during auroras and even better when there is glimmer fog as it avoid the affection, what I do not understand is that it is so deep.


After discovering the omega bunker, and seeing how well equipped it is, being underground, it would be ideal to have a milling machine and ammunition manufacturing. It has several gun cabinets but not for making ammunition.


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