Frontier Cooking: Tales From The Galley (Cooking Idea Masterlist)


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This is a giant compilation of ideas I've had, which I'm going to unofficially call Frontier Cooking: Tales From The Galley.

I've put it into a Google Doc for ease of reading, because it is pretty large.


  • Drying foods
  • Three new cooking tools- the Stew Pot, the Kettle, and the Mixing Flask
  • Several new food items that can be found and used for potential recipes
  • Countertop Preparation, for actually making meals
  • ONE singular unique recipe, the Night Shift Coffee (most of my others can be found here)
  • Tweaks to the base Frontier Cooking to allow it to be usable over the long-term


In addition, there were a few ideas I wasn't quite sure would fit, so I've put them into their own separate document- Doctor's Orders + Top Shelf.


  • A rework to Painkillers and the Go! Energy Drink, plus several new energy supplements to show just how badly people on the Island were being overworked
  • Several new ways to suppress pain and stay awake
  • Some 18+/21+ items, including Alcohol and Cigarettes
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