Wolves kill rate

John Moshakis

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I used to be quite good as killing wolves.  I would let me run up to me and take them out with an arrow. Since the patch I seem to have got worse, Im even wondering if the arrow is going right through them. Maybe is was a bit easy before but now it seems to have gone the other way.

Is anybody else finding this ?



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Don't believe anything changed about killing wolves, an arrow to the dome usually takes then down at any archery level. There can be a little bit of jank, where the arrow lodges in their side, even if you were aiming at their head, though your character's sway with the bow can sometimes mess up your shot.

Otherwise, I'm fairly sure taking down wolves with a bow hasn't changed.

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I find programs like OBS are great at recording video so that you can watch it back slowly to see exactly what is happening. It's totally possible your arrows simply pass through the wolves, I've personally had that experience in another game.

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