Has anyone found the Hidden Trailer at Hiberian Trailer grouping?


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This happened before the newest update (dated today), so I don't know if this is still there after this update...

I had been inside the joined trailers at Hibernian, had left to do something near the burned out house, then had gone back into the middle trailer and had stepped into a completely fresh trailer, with a desk, a first-aid box on top on the top shelf of the desk, three double beds, two metal containers that are between the beds and a shelf unit at the back of the trailer.  This trailer was a stand alone one, not connected to the other trailers. After Looting it, I left and re-entered and it was still there.  Then, I walked around the trailer complex and had gone into the trailer facing the warehouse and it was regular.  Re-exited, gone back around to the one door and got the stand alone one.  I marked the door with an X

Later, I had entered the trailer complex from the bay side, gone to the middle trailer and exited out, it was the marked door.  Then I re-entered and it was what it was supposed to be, part of the joined trailer complex.  I then exited out the warehouse side door, gone around to the marked door and got the single trailer.

Has anyone else had this issue??

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