Salt to preserve meat


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The description says it all: "A seasoning and preservative"
Yet we can only use it in a small number of late game recipes and only one basic one. Furthermore salt is so common that even on Interloper you will be having a kilo of it by day 10 and no way to use it.
Either make salt recipes use more salt, make it rarer or preferably, give us the ability to preserve meat.
The mechanic could be balanced by making you thirstier and giving you less calories than regular cooked meat.

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7 hours ago, survivor123 said:

Yeah, what is the salt used for. I haven't even seen any recipes.

Currently, broth is the only recipe that requires salt I believe. But I would be willing to bet that there will be additional uses for it in the following DLC drops.  We will probably get can recipes at some point as well. 

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It makes sense you easily have a kilo of it by day ten. If I were to go around just my block I could probably get 10 kilos in 30 mins. You could always just leave it where it is?

As to preserving meat, yes it makes sense normally but I think the acid in the air prevents it. It's also why we can't preserve meat in -20, why we need to eat an entire deer in just a few days, and why even a coat in a closet rots away in a month.

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Yes it makes sense that it's common and I know I can leave it where it is, I just wish it had more uses since it just falls flat compared to cooking oil and flour.
Maybe it could serve as medicine as well as an ingredient, it could stop blood loss, prevent infections and cure burns. I don't know, salt just feels like the most underwhelming item in the game right now and I wish they made it better somehow.

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