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1.) We started off with only a couple of accessories (ear wrap and moose hide satchel). When crampons were added, it was easy to swap them out if/when you needed that 1 degree extra warmth (were the ear wraps ever useful?). As more accessories were added, swapping out or sacrificing the benefits became more and more of a harsh trade-off. Now there are eight possible accessories, although at this point the ear wraps are totally pointless.

2.) Realism. There's nothing stopping you IRL from wearing all of these accessories at the same time.

3.) If your goal is to reduce weight, you're going to wear the moose-hide satchel plus *either* the tool belt or the rifle holster, i.e. the two shiny new rewards from TFTFT are basically mutually exclusive. The only reason you'd wear both is if you just hadn't gotten around to killing a moose yet.

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Completely agree, additionally, I think there should be an accessory slot for each body part to keep the balance of one or two slots for each. For feet, crampons or improvised crampons. For legs, foreman's tool belt. For the head, wool ear wrap. For the torso, you could have two slots for everything else or just one if two is too unbalanced. I think this would be a better way for the increase in slots to not feel too jarring.

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I think that some accessories could perhaps be optionally equip-able in other regular slots in addition to the accessories slots. For example, the Improvised Insulation would be useful in the regular inner torso slots (or the medium one, where the Down Vest fits). The Tool Belt could optionally go into the outer legs slot if you lack space in the accessories slots. And so on.

This wouldn't have to be an option for all of the accessories, but it'd be neat for those ones where the slots are already there anyway.

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