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Hello survivors!

Since I've started being more active and engaging in TLD community/forums, I think it's time I introduce myself and let other people know me better.

My name is Liam or Smol Alien ( either name is fine ) I'm a 18 year old senior in highschool ( graduating in 2024 ) with ADHD and autism.

I discovered The Long Dark back in 2014-2015 by a YouTuber by the name of Paulsoaresjr. Don't know what it was but 12 year old me fell in love with the game. Ever since then I've been inspired to get into survival, bushcrafting, prepping, etc. and since I got the game last year I've had many ideas, stories, fan creations and much more. ( I even had an idea for a short film )

Anyway! That's a little about me and how I got into TLD. If anybody has questions for me I'll gladly answer them whenever I can. 

Until next time, love and laughter always and be good people. ~Smol

( Beautiful Screenshot taken by ManicManiac )


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dude, Liam, this game got me into bushcraft stuff too, which led me to the American Mountain Man Association (AMMA), which is a community of people who get together at rendevous to talk and meet friends and they do a bunch of survival stuff.  To be a mountain man you have to pass a bunch of criteria like clothes making, muzzleloading, skinning and starting fires with flint (they don't use matches at all).

  Also 18 bro, call me Clay.  I am also cool with chatting anytime about whatever.

  Nice to meet you, Liam.

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