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There should totally be some form of meat preservation in the game. there is salt, so you could cure the meat (and you could make the salt renewable by giving a small amount by boiling water in coastal regions) or, you could smoke the meat. you could also add downsides such as the salt-cured meat making you extremely thirsty, or the smoked meat needing a long fire in order to make it in the first place. and some upsides could be heavily reduced decay rates and possibly making the meat lighter.

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i agree completly, jerky should be a thing, as should smoked fish. i also wish we could use the oven when the aurora was going on, you can dry meat (when it's cut into thin strips) in a few hours when you got the oven on the lowest setting, the aurora usually lasts a couple so it would work... if you timed it right. 

food decay is seriously way too op right now, for the meat espically. i mean, ITS FREEZING. if you have it stored inside an have a fire constantly going thats one thing. but if you have it outside in temps like this it's gonna be fine. vegetables are the same, keep them in a cool dry place and they can last for MONTHS before even starting to go bad. i know it's a videogame but i wish that aspect was a bit more realistic

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TLD is a confusing world where putting on clothes makes you colder, meat in a freezer rots in days, and complex electronics and heavy equipment sometimes works but sometimes doesn't. These are just the things that are so far out there that you get confused the first time you see them, at least the ones off the top of my head.

Add on that you play as an incompetent fool genius that can make a bow out of a sapling and intestines but can't step over a 2cm high snow drift or sleep on a couch to save their lives, and things get pretty strange.

Yeah...anyways, I should do some work.

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