The circle is broken 😢


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For the longest time the Rails of great bear have stretched into the unknown telling of stories locked away leading us to follow the info from buffers and notes and believe the line ran a circle around the island, ZoC breaks the line though and dead ends that line of thought, hopefully that will change and there will be future DLC after tales with an offshoot from transfer or the range 

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1 hour ago, Toki1666 said:

There's one more region being added out there, Mountain Pass I believe, and that's when the cougar is coming too!

Yes I am aware but that doesn’t address the rail line thus the “hopefully that will change” Im going to rage against the long darks alleged end of development until I run out of breath 

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39 minutes ago, hozz1235 said:

There is still the rail in DP.  Yes, there is a terminus in ZoC...unless there is super secret underground RR we don't know about yet!

There’s that little section at the beginning of the far range where we have to go through the side hall to get around the blockage of surfeit bridge it’s not a very big section but I suppose it IS possible even if we can’t see the fork 

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