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Made it 128 days on Stalker. I had just killed several wolves and headshot a bear with my bow. I cooked up the meat and then it was time to hit the sack. Ambient temperature was in the 40’s. Think I’ll be good for an 8 hour nap in my ptarmigan bed roll. What could go wrong?

Faded into the long dark…

My main goal for this run was to max out all my skills. This is where I got:

- carcass harvesting 5

- cooking 5

- fire starting 4

- ice fishing 2

- rifle firearm 4

- archery 5

- mending 3

- revolver firearm 4

- gunsmithing 4


Lesson learned: don’t be impatient. Sleep in smaller increments to gauge the ambient temp. 

image.thumb.jpg.e783450b02cf43923020b60f269242e9.jpgThis run helped me become more confident with the bow and I think I’m ready to start an interloper run. I tried before and made it 15 days. Any suggestions? What’s your dumbest death?

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Stalker run,day 150+ Teasing a wolf on a fallen tree,I wasn't high enough and got a mauling, started back to twm hut a blizzard blew up,got slightly lost, completely forgot I had stims and froze to death about ten metres away from the hut..

That was my daftest unintentional death...I've had many intended ones lol..

Good luck in your loper run..

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Day 99 on stalker, I had started a forge run in Desolation Point. However, I quickly realized I had ran completely out of food, and was going to start starving soon. So, I had my rifle, plenty of ammo, and there would be no issues getting food. So, hunting is the quickest way to get adequate food for the rest of my forging activities, and there are plenty of animals around, so, which did I choose?

There are already 40 wolves in Desolation Point, could easily kill one, and cook it.

There are a few dear, especially on that isolated island past the Riken.

There is always that bear, that would allow me to stay for nearly a month in DP without needing food.

So which option did I choose?

How about going into Scruffy's cave, and try stealing the deer corpse that was in there?

It gets worse, even though I had a rifle, and plenty of bullets, I decided that I wasn't going to shoot him, just light a torch, and slip past, before making a fire.

Scruffy ended my run right then and there, and if he survived the stab wounds, Scruffy was likely feeling well fed by the end of that day.

Definitely my dumbest death in the game that wasn't intentional, and constantly looked back at this dumb death to set a precedent on what not to do going on. Needless to say, I'm on Day 203 of Stalker now, and that death was definitely a lesson I needed to learn. 

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After several attempts I managed to beat my former interloper record of 15 days. This time I died at 20 days. This one wasn’t entirely my fault (at least I don’t think so). I was trying to light a fire with mag lens in broad daylight and kept getting 0% chance. I moved around a little to reposition the location to no avail. While I was fixated on figuring out why it wasn’t working I was attacked by a wolf. Realizing I had meat on me (dumb) I dropped it all, bandaged up, and then was immediately attacked again. Died from blood loss. 

not sure why I couldn’t start this fire with the mag lens. Lesson learned: build the fire that’s available and don’t get caught up on the “why not’s”

location: Mountain Townimage.thumb.jpg.fae1f38348304b2efc5343663aae36d9.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.feb7b7b866d9049f3b79011a41e0f03b.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.3c007e3a28a65d8853772b8e6617e9be.jpg

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I was doing a Black Rock region challenge and doing a bit of character roleplay.

everything was going well until I climbed down into the ravine in hopes of getting into the mine. 
I looked over the waterfall and went “that doesn’t seem like a big drop, I think I’ll be fine”


I in fact, was not fine. 
Messed myself up really badly and died a few minutes later, right at the climbing rope.


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Around 100 days into my very first Stalker run after a couple of years of doing nothing but Voyager (sorry, I'm American, I'm not going to add that unnecessary French "u" in Voyager!), I had come across a bear AND a moose right next to each other in Mystery Lake by the Trapper's Hut:


There were also TWO wolves to the left of them off-screen. No stupidity at this point, I managed to kill them both, and got myself a nice moose cloak (I'd already earned a moose satchel earlier in the run). I also got a TON of meat:


Fast forward to day 135 and I'm in Bleak Inlet, wearing a Wolfskin coat and my Moose cloak so I'm warm an toasty. I get attacked by a mob of Timberwolves, but managed to kill two in a row with my bow and scare the rest off. I harvest one, then go to harvest the other. At this point, I'm at harvesting level 5 so it took me less than an hour to harvest it. But halfway in the middle of harvesting, I hear some "tink, tink" noises around me during the harvesting animation, but can see nothing.

The moment the harvesting animation ends... I see good ole Yogi start to maul me (not my image, I didn't think to take a screenshot):



Since it's Bleak Inlet, it's SUPER freaking cold, so while I'm slowly dying of hypothermia after the bear attack, I'm desperately trying to locate and collect a couple of sticks so that I can start a fire. With the way super low condition makes you for some reason walk BACKWARDS when you push forwards and walk like a drunken mule... needless to say, I failed to collect the sticks and met my maker that day.



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18 minutes ago, KingFuzz said:

@Ansible friggin bears. Still, 135 days on your first Stalker run is pretty good! 

Thanks. Honestly, it kind of bothers me that the bear is sitting there running around me and wanting to kill me, but can't because I'm in the middle of the harvesting animation. I feel like the developers dropped the ball a bit there... the bear should be able to INTERRUPT the harvesting animation and maul me!

What would be even better and more realistic though (though I'm sure probably SUPER hard to code!) would be to allow us to look around WHILE the harvesting animation is happening... so that we could perhaps see a bear coming, interrupt/cancel the harvesting, and book it! Right now, you're basically taking a risk every time you start the harvesting animation!

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