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Part 4 is bringing us gloves that we can see on our hands as we wear them, which is awesome.
But this brings up a question.  How will we shoot weapons with mittens on? 

I don't think they'll actually do anything about it and will just let it slide. But it would be pretty cool if you took off the glove from your right hand or something when you wanted to fire your weapon, or (even more unlikely) they remodeled the mittens to have a pointer finger hole on the right one so you could use a weapon.

This was a thought that was floating around in my brain. I decided to write down here so it could enter your brain too and float around in there as well


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Just about a day or so before they announced this I had the thought that running around with a weapon out, since it clearly shows a bare hand and seemingly always will, should maybe just be treated just like that - with frostbite risk. Since it isn't too unreasonable that your character would have to uncover at least the trigger hand, I thought it'd be a nice touch.


And then they go "Hey y'all, so here's this thing we've all been waiting for for like ten years now and you're shooting things with gloves on now".



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