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  Woo!  I finally have a forums account!  

  When this game first came out in alpha, my dad bought it.  I have vague memories about it, thought it was lame, too hard.  A couple years ago I redownloaded it and am absolutely loving it.  All my friends and siblings are like "Why do you play that game?  It's so slow and difficult,"  And I'm like "Yeah, I know!  Isn't it awesome!"  I'm pretty sure that liking this game is a sign of maturity (although I too like a good ol' fps sometimes).

I've always liked the winter.  The cold, the snow, the change.  I live in the northwest and have about 5 months of snow up here.  Before that northern New England with even more snow.  I have a few TLD drawings, but don't have a phone and can't figure how to copy them, so that'll happen later.

  After reading the forums for a while there seems to be three types of survivors:

The one who almost exclusively plays on pilgrim because they like actually enjoying the game 😄

The ones who play on voyager or stalker, challenging themselves (Me)

And the players who are like "Yeah, day 460 on Interloper..." (How?!)

Don't know about you guys but my personal record is about 6 days on interloper, lol.  On stalker it was day 30 something then died from bleeding out while sleeping (face slap).  On voyager I got to 70-something then fell off a bridge (face slap again).  Right now I have two guys getting close to that.

  Hm, well, favorite region is desolation point (and the rest of the south-east coast), favorite episode is probably No. 2 (can't wait for five!), favorite difficulty is Stalker, and my favorite game is The Long Dark.  That's me, folks.

Goodluck surviving!

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