Improve durability of Tip Ups with fishing level.


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Something I noticed is how quickly the Tip Ups can break, especially during a blizzard, which makes sense. Tip Ups look fairly crude, pretty much just three sticks tied together, which I like.

Perhaps, as our character increases their fishing level, they begin to learn just how durable a Tip Up needs to be in order to hook a Bass or Salmon without loosing significant condition or breaking.

My idea is simply to increase the base condition of Tip Ups with each level of fishing, maybe an additional 5% each level up for a total of 20% at max. It's not enough to make Tip Ups last for weeks, especially in harsh conditions, but it would reflect your character becoming more experienced with crafting them. Another idea I will credit to @Leeanda, is to attach more hooks to a Tip Up at higher levels, like 3 hooks at level 5.

This bonus to condition should also only apply to Tip Ups made after you leveled up, Tip Ups that are already made/placed shouldn't suddenly have their condition increased.

Maybe the model of the Tip Up could look more refined as you level up, but I'm also happy with the simplistic design we already have.

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Also here's a small idea: Why not have a feat associated with Tip Ups? They act pretty similar to snares for rabbits, though Tip Ups already have ways to increase the odds. How about:

Frozen Angler:

Catch 100 fish using Tip Ups

Bonus: Breaking the ice in ice fishing holes is now 40% faster.

Just a little idea, feel free to pitch ideas if you want something different.

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