Small sled for downhill mobility


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There has been talk among the community regarding a sled in the game. But I'm not talking about a large sled for carrying items, that's already in the works. I'm talking more about a small sled for getting downhill more quickly. To simply put it, the player could get their hands on a small metal round sled and use it to get across the map more quickly compared to just walking everywhere. When your at the top of a hill, you can equip it and ride down a snowy hill. It will have great speed and save you a lot of time. If you wonder where the player would store the sled in their inventory, they would just hang it like a shield on their backpack. 

Some things to consider when using a sled. If you slide down rocky terrain, it will damage the sled and result in you loosing speed. If the player crashes into something, the player will fall of the sled and injure themselves. High falls are also very dangerous to encounter. You'll also loose the sled when you fall off, it won't magically return to your inventory, you'll have to search the area to retrieve it.

As a bonus, the sled can act as a shield against predators. You can bash the wolf or bear to try and scare it off. But I don't expect the predator to come back and try again.

There could be a way to craft a sled yourself, but I think it would require too much scrap metal to pull off. Maybe there would be a wood/animal hide variant that's lighter, but could break more easily and have reduce speed. Just some ideas I brainstormed.

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On 10/3/2023 at 2:20 PM, Leeanda said:

Lol...  love that film..😅😅

Imagine crashing into a bears cave 

Yes...we need sleds for their potential comedic impact. I'm on day 335, and I have to tell you, I'm getting bored with all those hikes up and down those mountains. I would seriously love to crash into a wolf. It should stun both of us. Hilarious. 

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