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Hi everyone I’m new to the game and I’m wondering what people carry when they explore the world and loot. I made a base at pleasant valley with some extra meat and water but I’m already close to being overweight and I haven’t even left the farm house for costal highway !? 

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Welcome to the Wilderness!

What you carry depends a lot on what mode you're playing, and what you're doing. On modes with harsher weather you might want a lot of coal on you. If it's not so cold you can get away with lighter clothing. etc. Also, different mode have different thirst and hunger rates, so a player on Pilgrim might carry less food and water than a player on Interloper. There are ways of increasing your max carrying capacity: the Well-Fed bonus, a moosehide satchel, and the technical backpack. Eating meat pies also gives a temporary increase.

Here's a sample list off the top of my head of my basic inventory. I'm usually much heavier than this because I'm always picking up loot or carrying things places, but this is what stays in my bag permanently:

  • Firestarting: 20 matches, mag lens, 8 tinder, 4 coal, 2 cedar, 20 sticks, 2 books, 1 accelerant
  • Medicines: 1 bottle antiseptic, 1 bottle of antibiotics, 1 bottle painkillers, 4 bandages, 4 teas, 6 prepped hips and mushrooms, 1 emergency stim, 1 Aqua-Pur
  • Clothes (obviously). Sometimes spare gloves if I'm worried about bear maulings destroying them. Crampons.
  • Food: 2L water and 1-3kg meat, box of crackers or 20 cattails as non-smelling emergency food. Box of tea, tin of coffee, cup of tea, cup of coffee
  • Tools: bedroll, hacksaw, hatchet, knife, prybar, cooking pot, skillet, lantern, sewing kit, spray can (yes, I'm the player who uses them), 2 red flares, 1 blue flare, 5 charcoal, 5 torches, 1 research book
  • Weapons: bow, 6-12 arrows, 4 fire-hardened arrows, 3 stones. Sometimes a revolver with 20 ammo.
  • Crafting: 4 cloth, 1 leather (if wearing leather clothing)

Hope that helps! I go for Well-Fed and the moose satchel ASAP because I'm fighting with being overburdened all the time.

Oh, and some free advice - if you're trying to reduce your weight, don't ever be tempted to drop your bedroll. Always keep your bedroll on you!

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What I've pared down as my bare essentials kit is generally:

Whatever clothing I'm wearing
1 standard bedroll
2L of water (which for me is a comfortable night's sleep and plenty of water for the next day)
1 night's "stopover" food (bare minimum to get a good night's sleep - used only as last resort)
1 bandage
3 unprocessed lichen (as they are "lightest" when not crafted into wound dressing)
3-10 cardboard matches
1 torch (to make best use of said cardboard matches)

***Optional, but ideal***
1 piece of emergency coal
1 fire striker (as emergency backup in case I absent mindedly use my last match, and to enable ignition source selection for lighting aforementioned torch)
1 magnifying glass (to take advantage of clear skies for "free" fire)
1 lantern (fully fueled when possible)
1 set of fishing tackle (for emergency repairs or fishing)
1 pry bar
1 recycled can

The kit does vary of course based on what I've managed to find (so end weight does fluctuate a bit), but this is generally my ideal setup for roaming.  Anything else I may need is always sourced from whatever region I happen to find myself in and stored at whatever "stopover" points I setup (documented in my journal). 

This is still pretty much the same list that I worked out in 2019, and generally about all that I keep with me.
And indeed, welcome to the wilderness.


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I have both moose satchel and technical backpack..and I play pilgrim so i dont really need much for fire starting.

I carry 

5 coal, 50-60 matches,2 worn out firestrikers,4 sticks.

Antibiotics, painkillers,1 omb, 4 bandages,2 stims. ..  in 500+ days ive not needed any meds except once and that was for food poisoning😁 I do rarely use a stim for climbing .

About 4 litres of water,1 MRE,25 Cattails, two pieces of meat, 8 coffee(3 made, 5 tinned) 6 herbal teas( 3 made,3 not). 

Pot,skillet, hatchet,knife,rifle,40 rifle ammo, prybar, miners lantern,one lantern fuel, bow and 10 fire hardened arrows, 1 sewing kit, 3 fishing tackle,spray can. 4-6 torches. Insulated bedroll. Flare gun and 5 shells.

4 cloth,1 cured leather, feathers .

Sometimes I'll carry a whetstone or gun cleaning kit...  and I wear the crampons most of the time.

And welcome to the forum.☺️


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I like to play very cautiously. I usually pack…

  • Enough fuel to last a blizzard (8 hours minimum, including about 6 pieces of coal)
  • Enough food to stay well fed for three or four days
  • Hatchet for cutting saplings and last-ditch defense
  • Ranged weapon
  • At least one stone
  • A pack of matches and a firestriker
  • At least two flares
  • At least four torches

And yes, I’m usually overweight :).


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- About 20-30 matches and a maglense

- About 10 sticks and 10 coal

- 21 cattails, 2-4 L of water

- Clothes im wearing (always 2x bear coats) but no extra ones, 2 or 3 cloth, 1 leather

- 2x cooking pots

- Bedroll

- Improvised hatchet, knife and prybar, hacksaw, bow + minimum 8 arrows and 6 fire hardened arrows

- One red and one blue flare

- Lantern (full if possible)

- One set of sawing kit and one wetstone

- 2-4 fishing tackles + 2 advanced lures

- Crampons 

- About 4-8 teas (only on difficulties higher that interloper)

- 3 bandages, 3 old mans beard dressings, 2 antibiotics

- 2 stones

Im usually 42 - 43 Kg's but i dont care if im 50 or even more when im hauling coal from one place to another. Just takes longer- YES !!! I WANT THE TRAVOIS !!!

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