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All of the game modes (Pilgrim, Voyager, Stalker, Interloper, Custom) each have their own wonderful merits.  We each get to play the experience that works best for us.

There are plenty of Pilgrim Exporters compare notes with, and plenty of folks for each mode that like to offer strats and advice for just about any question about surviving on Great Bear Island that a poster could think of.  Sometimes new questions lead to us all discovering new aspects to work into out play styles.


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Yes it  does.. go onto the top you'll see the word custom.. scroll that right until it says pilgrim . Then go down through the options it gives you . You can pretty much change anything you want.. 


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25 minutes ago, PilgrimReaper said:

Ah, that makes sense, thanks! I'll have to find a way to deal with the weather in FA when I get there though, as I'm pretty much prepped (all level 5 skills, nice clothing / tools, etc).

Starting a new save means starting all skills from scratch though..  it's odd that fog isn't in the settings when blizzards and aurora are.. I think that will be the most problematic thing to deal with..   you can still use sticks to mark the way though if needed. 

Good luck.👍😊

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5 minutes ago, conanjaguar said:

I prefer to use cattail heads or tinder plugs instead. Unless you lay them end to end, it’s generally very easy to mistake a stick trail for random sticks.

True.. there's also used torches and spray paint.. I honestly never use any of them ,I like wandering around in the murk😁

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