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Anyone as tried Arid game? 


It's really similar in many ways to our game here, even the survivor speaks to herself in a very known way... 

I'm not sure what to think about it... 



Sorry if it's not appropriate here, wanted kind of flagging it and discuss about it... 

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For the moment, I'm struggling to find ressources to repair a mine shaft, I reproch that it's a bit railroaded (or I'm not good?) 

I'll keep digging, but earing the female character speak to herself makes me a strange impression of déjà vu

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4 hours ago, Leeanda said:

it looked almost impossible to do anything, constantly running out of water and having to hide from the sun every five minutes.

@lee, have you tried working in the sun? Few years ago I was changing siding on my home and that sounds about right. I was constantly going for a drink and taking a lot of breaks. Cant imagine being in the desert any easier.

@Grunt, it looks gorgeous! Very pretty! I'll have a closer look into it! Couldn't get the photos loaded unless I was on chrome browser. Thank you for sharing!

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