Burnt Canned Food


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One of my long-standing cooking traditions was to find a 6-burner stove and settle in for a bit to do some cooking.  I would drop my canned goods in front of the stove so they would cook and I'm preparing other items on the stovetop.  Recently, I noticed that some of my dropped canned goods were "burnt".  I could of swore this never happened no matter how long they were on the floor.  Can anyone confirm this?

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Update to version 1.94 fixed an issue where liquids would not become “Burnt Dry”, when being cooked for too long.  That probably affected canned food as well. 

I recall seeing in a recent let's play that a can of peaches or pork and beans was left to "heat" by the fire.  It appeared to heat up, probably became "hot", then for some reason was seen as "cold". Yet when the can was placed on a cooking surface the food was immediately burnt inedible and lost.  

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