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Can anyone shed some light on this? Why can't you move when aiming the revolver! It doesn't happen with the rifle! Because I'm on pilgrim the wolves run off way before you get within shot range and I won't waste rifle ammo on them! So the only way is to sneak up on them but you can't with the revolver! Am I missing something?

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Pity I can't post gameplay! Then you'd see that aiming is not my strong point!have enough trouble hitting while aiming! Never used it without aiming!

Yes I have fired a rifle while moving and it is awkward but possible! Don't worry I'm not a maniac I was in the army cadets!

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Guest jeffpeng
19 hours ago, Grignard_TN said:

I think it's realistic too. Have you ever tried to aim any firearm while moving? It's not terribly safe either.


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