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Have you ever walked into an area and not heard or seen any animal at all! The last three places I have gone to have been strangely devoid of wildlife for the first day or two!is it possible I interrupted the biggest hidden rave of the apocalypse??or are darker forces at work here?

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Wolves exhibit multi-modal behavior based on whether/not they have detected an entity, the entity's type and distance, and their current stance.

A fixed number of wolves are present per region (living and dead), generated at wolf spawn points which they wander close to. Each spawn point can only house one wolf at a given time, though others may spawn at neighboring points. As in-game time progresses wolves may move between points. The number of active wolf spawn points, and the availability of some increases based on the difficulty setting.

As per the wiki page on Wolves. Also, keep in mind that all wildlife despawns during blizzards.

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