Methuselah in episode 2


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Hello everyone! At the end of the second episode, we meet Methuselah near the hydroelectric power station. He says there are still secrets. I think this is a clear hint. At the same time, I completed absolutely all the quests. So what did he mean?



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Guest jeffpeng

He definitely doesn't try to tell you that you've missed an easter egg or hidden quest. It's just mystery box dialogue. Think of him as the man in black from Lost. He has no tangible purpose in the actual story. He's more a vehicle to provide some background, world building, and, most importantly, mystery.

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It’s been a while but if I remember correctly he says something Along the lines of “you won’t be coming back so make sure you’re ready to go on.” I know those aren’t the exact words but I think it’s the same dialog no matter you completion as a note that once you go in you won’t be coming back this way so do everything you want before entering.

Just a solid FYI from the devs but I’m sure it has deeper meaning as well as mentioned.

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