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So I bought a Switch Lite and installed TLD on it (of course!). The game runs well from a tech. point of view, but there are usability issues. Indeed the fonts, inventory, even icons are super small on such a screen. They clearly have not been adapted to the handheld format. Also, picking up an item is not well handled, it is rather difficult to center the item on the mostly invisible center HUD. Even though feasible, it is annoying, for example say you are in an area where there are 5 sticks around, getting them one after one is tedious and takes much more time than on PC. Time often makes the difference between living and dying in TLD. More time spent on doing usual tasks means less survival opportunities. On the other hand this makes Interloper even more challenging :)

So I think the handheld game still needs tuning, I hope Hinterland will consider it.

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16 hours ago, Admin said:

Hey @yolithanks for the feedback. You can share some more here if you like, we watch the forums and will take note of it. Thanks!

Thanks! This is nice to see we're not throwing feedback in the void :)

Other things I noticed:

  • Autowalk doesn't seem to work (click left stick does nothing).
  • When creating a new sanbox game, we always have to erase the default "sandbox" name using the DEL key multiple times, this isn't convenient.
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