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Hello Longdarkians,

I know survival mode is not based on story, and I just wanted to write that I think the game is a bit too depressing. Even if you play 400 in-game days, the survivor never gets any help or the aurora doesn't change for the better. The only end is that you die on Great Bear Island.

I think that some scientist would find a way to fix the magnetic field problem in the game eventually. So here is something on my wishlist; a happy ending to Survival Mode. Which means that you don't die because of "fading into the long Dark".

The happy ending could be toggled on/off so you can play the game the way you like.



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There's been a lot of discussion about a 'Rescue' ending for Survival mode. I would like to see the option to toggle on at the start of a Sandbox (so it's not imposed upon people who don't want it).

If the electronic damaging Aurora can't be fixed, I imagine the world would resort to 19th century steam technology. Maybe the 'Ending' could be a group of people showing up after 350 days, looking for Coal because it's been made dramatically more important by the Aurora.

Sometime in the future, I'll make a big post of all my ideas for ending options.

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In the end I think the game is all about an endurance run, no actual end game. There are lots of open world games like that. Although there are logical changes that would take place, when you consider how many illogical elements there are in the existing world for the sake of balance and gameplay, having a rescue or end really doesn’t play into the existing design.

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