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So, I’ve never been in the cave where the auroura  needs to be active to open it... but I’ve read horror stories about being stuck in there.  I’m planning on going in there and bringing a bunch of food and water.... just in case. But, I’m wondering, should I bring wood too?  Can I have a fire in there if I have to? Maybe I’ll bring a book or 2 as well in case I get stuck. 

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Near the elevator, when in the cave, there will be a fire barrel.  Deeper inside there is another.  Since you will be "inside" you would have to light a fire in the fire barrel.

Other than making water or teas, etc. if you need to, there is not that much need for a fire unless you're going to use torches or want to keep a fire going.  I recall that by the fire barrel by the elevator there should be some wood and there should be some crates and some coal that you can break down or pick up in accessible parts of the mine. 

In one sandbox, I spent about 19 days in the mine and nearly ran out of food (I planned for 18 days) before the aurora showed up and let me out.  I was in Pilgrim so not subject to cabin fever so be careful. 

In my forays into the mine, I tended to find an Advanced Guns Guns Guns book and often read most of it or all of it before getting out.  Note that during the daytime you can read in the mine without a light source (at least the times I was in there) so you don't or may not have to have a fire or use your lantern to read. You'd think not because it is dark but I found I could. 

The usual advice is get in and quickly get out.  The occurrence of the aurora can be pretty erratic at times. 

Good luck.

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There should be ample wood inside to cook/brew (might want to bring some anyways depending upon how much water you bring).  You won't need it for warmth.  Just bring enough food and watch the cabin fever.

For one of my longer forays in there (cabin fever was not an issue), I stockpiled food by the elevator and when I was ready, I loaded up and went down.

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