Is my route impossible?

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So I am trying Escape the Darkwalker for the second time and I cannot find a way through to Mountain Town and Hushed River Valley. The route I took so far started at Desolation point, then Crumbling Highway, Coastal Highway, Ravine, Mystery Lake, then back through Ravine to Bleak Inlet. I left Bleak Inlet to Forlorn Muskeg and tried to go to Mountain Town but after you go through the cave system at the northern part of Forlorn Muskeg, you come out and have a climbable rock to a path on your right but for some reason the game will not let me climb the rocks so I cannot go that way. I then headed back through Mystery Lake and then Pleasant valley and now I am here realizing that you cannot get to Mountain Town from here. I don't know what to do. The only two ways that I know to Mountain Town are impassable. From Mystery Lake you cannot get there because there is no rope from the Ranger station in Mountain Town and the game won't let me climb the rocks at Forlorn Muskeg.

Does anyone else know another way into Mountain Town or do I have to start this whole challenge again starting from somewhere else?

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just checked it out. The way up is climbable. You have to aim a bit low to get the "climb" sign for the first rock face (Image1). The second climbing spot is easier to access.

If that fails, You can go around the first climb a bit to the left of it (image2).

And check out the cave a bit more along the mountain side (image3). There is some loot but not the stim, You can find there in survival mode.





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When I did this challenge in my YouTube series, I went as follows. I marked where/when I picked up lore with an asterisk.

Hushed River Valley* -> Mountain Town* -> Forlorn Muskeg -> Broken Railroad* -> Forlorn Muskeg -> Bleak Inlet* -> Forlorn Muskeg* -> Mystery Lake* -> Ravine -> Coastal Highway* -> Crumbling Highway -> Desolation Point* -> Crumbling Highway -> Coastal Highway -> Pleasant Valley* -> Timberwolf Mountain* -> Ash Canyon

This route required me to backtrack four times, twice through Forlorn Muskeg, once through Crumbling Highway, and once through Coastal Highway, where I had to dispel fog.

Because of how you went up to this point, you'll have to backtrack through many regions, but completing this challenge should still be possible if you have lots of coffee and travel light. If you wind up restarting from Desolation Point, I would suggest trying this route:

Desolation Point* -> Crumbling Highway -> Coastal Highway* -> Ravine -> Bleak Inlet* -> Forlorn Muskeg* -> Broken Railroad* -> Forlorn Muskeg* -> Mountain Town* -> Hushed River Valley* -> Mountain Town -> Mystery Lake* -> Winding River -> Pleasant Valley* -> Timberwolf Mountain* -> Ash Canyon

This gives you a route that's actually more efficient than mine, as you only have to backtrack twice.

Good luck!


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Just make sure, You seek the last fire in TWM. I finished my run in HRV - and was almost devastated ...
It worked out in the end but it was close.

I do think, it is a good idea to take a rope with You, when possible. The missing rope in the Ravine ended my first run.

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